Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Quick Picks: Majestic Prince Ep 18 and Ep 19, Gatchaman Crowds Ep 5 and Ep 6, The World God Only Knows Ep 6 and Ep 7, Fantasista Doll Ep 6

Sorry for the wait but I am still quite busy this week so what I do is just do a run down of what is going on so far for each series. (Why do you think this is called Quick Picks?)

Majestic Prince Ep 18 and Ep 19: Team Rabbits defeated Klein but at the cost of their units which are badly damaged. Meanwhile, Jiart murdered one of his generals after overhearing Teoria is on Earth. Later, Simon ordered Team Doberman to locate the gateway where the Wulgura came from in Saturn. They found the gateway but were ambushed by Lutiel. Randy and Patrick were killed and only Chandra make it back to the others...

Our first blood is drawn and Randy who couldn't score with any girls and Patrick who was planning to date Tamaki are now gone. Can Team Rabbits get back into action and prevent another tragedy?

Gatchaman Crowds Ep 5 and Ep 6: Hajime and the others went for a GALAX meeting but were trapped in a tunnel with many people. Ruri send his CROWDS to rescue but at the instant Hajime transform and met Ruri the first time. A security camera caught Hajime as a Gatchaman and soon everyone want a piece of her. Later Ruri invited her, Utsu and a secretly hidden Sugane for dinner. Ruri want them to stop becoming Gatchaman as her motive is make everyone a hero in the world so that they can take care of themselves...

So people know the existence of Gatchaman however Ruri's motives is also conflicting. She want everyone to be a hero or people with powers so that no government will control them. But this will instead cause more problems as everyone will be fighting each other since everyone has powers (See DC's Elseworld series-Kingdom Come or the Incredible) Hajime is also special since she is able to sense Ruri is different which is why she choose to transform in front of her. But why?

Wet, Hot Ayumi!

The World God Only Knows Ep 6 and Ep 7: After much difficulties, Keima was able to make Shiori to awake her Goddess-Minerva but he is fallen sick and Haqua have went back to New Hell to investigate. Keima called Ayumi to get her attention but Chihiro also came to visit him too. Ayumi have to hide under his blanket for some time and Chihiro blurted out she like him. Keima acted ignorance but Ayumi called Chihiro and told her she will supporting her...

Shiroi's episode was boring as her dialogues are all monologues but with one more Goddess left in either Ayumi and Chihiro, can things get more complicated since Ayumi is willing to give up her love for Chihiro's happiness?

Fantasista Doll Ep 6: Uzume and her dolls met another user, Mina who claimed she is a doll and her dolls are her masters. Mina was interested in Akari and Uzume told her to decide on herself if she want to leave with Mina. However Akari rejected Mina's offer and they went into battle. Rafflesia believed Mina was motivated by the organization into believe that her scared arm could be healed as she believe was the cause of her mother abandoning her. But Uzume used an untie bond card which reveal her scar has healed and they called off the fight...

A strange episode where the dolls giving orders to Mina and not vice verse. Despite her mono tone, Akari loved Uzume and rejected Mina. Other than that, this episode is all right and Miko met Katia again. (How Sweet!)

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