Sunday, August 11, 2013

Doki Doki Precure Ep 28: Aguri's First Friend

Aguri began training the girls and they have just finished their 10 km run. A girl was watching them from afar as Mana want to go for the summer festival tonight but was rejected by Aguri.

No Festival!!!

She told them they need to do more training but fainted due to heatstroke. The girl approached them and tend to Aguri with the others. She introduced herself as Eru, a classmate of Aguri. Eru told them that Aguri is a role model and stand up for her classmates. However she tend to be less approachable and Eru want to be her friend.

Mana decided to help Eru and suggested she come to the summer festival with them. Aguri was against it as she wanted them to focus on training. The girls told her that it is okay to take a break and to go out with friends. Mana also tricked Aguri into thinking that the "Super Special Delicious Sweet" will be sold at the festival.

Catching goldfish...FAIL!

Reva was planning on how to defeat Cure Ace and after seeing Gura eating some rubber candies, he has an idea. The girls met Eru at the festival but Aguri wander by herself and admired the sights of the festival. She saw the others and enjoyed the festival together. (From catching goldfish to shooting prizes in a gallery)

The girls ate some ice cones and after Eru let Aguri tasted her ice cones, Mana suggested doing the same with the others and they enjoyed themselves. Aguri find it interesting swapping the ice cones and Mana mentioned that it is more fun to do with friends. (Flashback of Regina and her)

Reva and Gura created a Jikochu from a boy and caused chaos in the festival. The girls went to battle the Jikochu as Aguri took Eru to safety. Cure Heart and the others confronted Reva and Gura however the generals are searching for Aguri.

They spotted her and Eru and the Jikochu attacked them. Aguri hold onto a damaged stairway and Eru tried to pull her up. Aguri told her to leave but she refused. Eru told her that Aguri helped her against some bullies in the past which is why she has been always admiring her and wanted to be her friend.


Aguri was touched and she managed to get on her feet. She told Eru to close her eyes as she went to aid the others. She transform into Cure Ace but was caught by the Jikochu's rings. Reva hold a 5 minutes sand clock to countdown Cure Ace's transformed form. However Cure Ace's resolve of protecting her new friends broke the ring and punched the Jikochu into the air.

She told the others that she also learned something from them about friendship and love and defeated the Jikochu with Ace Shoot. After the battle, Eru was glad that Aguri came back and they all enjoyed the fireworks together...

This episode is about Aguri who shoulder the responsibilities of defeating the Jikochu and ignoring the things around her. Although she is a model student who stand up for her peers, she maintain a certain composure which is make her less approachable. Eru who admired Aguri decided to take the first step and finally become her first true friend.

The festival scenes were all right similar to the Smile Precure festival episode with some comedic moments. Although Aguri taught the girls their new resolve, she too also get a new resolve to believe in her friends and less rigid.

I have a younger sibling all of a sudden!

Next episode, Sharuru, Rakeru and Lance want to be more useful to their masters and by some strange twist, they become humans to help them with hilarious results. See you next week!


  1. mana has 2 siblings - sharuru and ai-chan :D

  2. Lance is too ADORABLE! Rakeru looks like he'd be the brother that would mess with his sister just to make her mad and then hide behind their mom. Sharuru.....I'm not sure what to make of her human form, kinda looks like Mana to me.

    1. Sharuru is the little sister who admired Mana...


  3. pic No.2