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Quick Picks: Majestic Prince Ep 14, Fantasista Doll Ep 2, The World God Only Knows S3 Ep 1, Gatchaman Crowds Ep 1

Majestic Prince Ep 14: After the last battle, Izuru tried to make Ange part of the team however Ange was excel in everything. (From physical exercises to making cakes)

I can't stop looking at your cleavage!

Later Izuru met Teoria and during their conversation, Teoria told him to survive every time he went out on a mission. The team went on a rescue mission to save Team Doberman. When they arrived, they were ambushed by Jiart (I will be following this spelling from now on)

Ange tried to take on Jiart but was outclassed. He went after Izuru and he was pushed to his limits. When he was about to lose, he remember Teoria's words and Red 5's limiters were released. He began to push Jiart back but his mech is overloading due to his controls. Team Doberman fired some shots at Jiart and he retreated. The rest arrived and found Izuru's mech overheated...

The focus is on Izuru and given their mechs act upon on survival instincts, it pushed Izuru to his limits when he remember Teoria's words. But I am guessing that Red 5 needed an overhaul now since he reached a new level (Maybe a new mech) Overall, I am liking the story so far and yes, Teoria has large cleavage (Yummy!)

Fantasista Doll Ep 2: Uzume tried out her new summons and was tired which got Sasara upset. The next day, Akari was sent to wake her up (By using yo-yo to destroy her bed) and missed her breakfast.

The head of the card club, Manai asked Uzume to join her club but she gave all sort of excuses. Later Sasara asked why did she lied to Manai and to her classmates by giving excuses and calling her liar. Uzume was angry about it and demanded to return the cards to their original owner.

She went to the place which is an abandoned facility but a trap was sprang which summon a small team of soldiers dolls. Uzume summoned everyone but Sasara refused to come out. The rest got defeated easily and Sasara save Uzume at the last moment.

They laid out traps and defeated the soldiers dolls. They entered a special room and it revealed a hidden room with rare cards. Rafflesia arrived and congrats Uzume for her trial. She was allowed to take any rare card from the room and she choose the flight card. She used on Sasara and they flew back to her house. They saw Manai and she too revealed to hold a Fantasista deck and challenge Uzume...

We get to see the rest of the dolls in action but because Uzume has yet to master her deck, they all got beaten easily. Although I wonder how the game is really played? Since they are able to laid traps and powers-up around. Both Uzume and Sasara are loggerheads with each other and Sasara hated liars as she claimed her previous master betrayed them. So once a doll is defeated, do the winner get to use their cards since they are living inside their deck? But next week, we finally get a real battle with Manai and what new dolls does she have?

God of Button Mashing!

The World God Only Knows S3 Ep 1: Keima began playing his games and recalled the girls he courted so far-Tenri, Tsukiyo and Yui who are the most problematic targets so far. Meanwhile, Kanon realised she has a goddess-Apollo reside her and remember everything with Keima.

Tenri whose goddess-Diana arrived and told Keima about the truth of Heaven, Humans, the Old and New Hell. She told Keima to find her remaining five Jupiter Sisters who are residing inside the girls that Keima wooed before.

Kanon began to sense someone is stalking her and during the test in the class, she saw a shadow figure outside and ran to Keima for help. Out of desperation, Kanon confessed her love to Keima and told him that she remember everything. He took her to a corner which Apollo appeared in front of Keima. She ran away but was stabbed by the shadow figure who is revealed to be Lune of the demon group-Vintage...

After two seasons, we finally come to the best arc so far in this manga. This first episode gave a quick run down of what has been going so far. I was worried that they have to introduce all the new characters that were not shown in the previous season and we have to wait another cour for this major arc. But they jumped right into the action as Kanon was stabbed and Keima must race against time to save her and to find the remaining four Jupiter sisters. So who are the four girls Keima must win their hearts again? Can't wait for the next episode to find out!

Gatchaman Crowds Ep 1: A urban legend about Gatchaman is known throughout the city. Hajime who loved planners encountered a mysterious man named JJ who bestowed her the power of Gatchaman in the form of a note book.

She encountered a fellow schoolmate, Sugune who is a Gatchaman and he defeated an alien being called MESS. Sugune brought her to their base called CAGE and was introduced to the rest of the members-Jo, OD, Utsu and Paiman.

Sugune was in charge of training Hajime and they went for their first mission together. Sugune went to battle a MESS who disguised as a bus and Hajime decided to join in and transformed too. A long red-haired woman was observing them from far...

So instead of using spandex and abandoing the "Science Ninja Team" theme, we have a new G-Crew who will battled the mysterious MESS who is secretly taking over the world. I am loving the easter eggs in this episode which their henshin item have the Gatchaman logo. The lift has the G symbol from the original series. Even the henshin call-Bird Go! is from the original series.

The mysterious man, JJ is voiced by Mori Katsuji who did the voice of the original Gatchaman/G1/Ken so I got a feeling this series is an alternative universe of Gatchaman. Furthermore, the red-hair woman is named Berg Katse which is the Gatchaman's famous villian in the original series. A good start so let's see what can this Gatchaman team showed us!

So what other shows I am watching so far-Silver Spoon which I am liking it but my knowledge of agriculture is limited. Hyperdimension Neptunie has a good cast but the story is still in it's early stage so I am not sure which storyline they are using from the games. Symphogear is all right but I got a feeling the show will go through another emotional roller coaster before the finale.

Watemoe is pretty funny but it may not offend some people due to some of the uncomfortable scenes. High School DXD New is nice but the fan service is so high, I don't want my blog to shut down because of some of the unsafe screenshots. The rest of the shows are all right but really not worth to review it unless someone requested otherwise, it will be these four shows for the time being.

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