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Doki Doki Precure Ep 24: To whom do I sing for...

After finishing a recording session, Makoto have doubts about continuing her singing career since she did it find Ange in the first place.

Did you get high by Sebastian's cake?

She later met the others to discuss about Cure Ace when she appeared in her civilian form. She introduced herself as Madoka Aguri and she is a 4th grade student. After she tasted Sebastian's roll cake, (she went gaga over it), she told them there is no way to defeat King Jikochu at their current levels and she told Makoto that her singing on TV was bad as there was no feeling to it. She suspected Makoto is confused which she was right on the spot.

Ange don't call me MakoP...

Aguri left them and later Makoto told the others that she decided to retire after her concert. The next day, Mana and the rest tried to change her mind but she made up her decision. Meanwhile, Reva and Gura took over the Jikochu hideout and chase Bel and the others away. Reva saw Makoto on TV and plotted a scheme.

On the day of the concert, Makoto was nowhere to be found and the girls were worried. A reporter tried to sneak into the dressing room was turned into a Jikochu by Reva. They started to attack the audience and Mana and the others transformed.

As the girls struggled against the Jikochu, Makoto came across Ai-Chan and she gave a Lovies to her. It revealed a mirror and Ange is talking to her telepathy. Ange told her she has done enough for her and she should consider for herself as her singing make people feel good. Makoto was touched by her and joined the battle as Cure Sword.


Purple Lipstick (Sexy!)

Cure Sword have a new resolve and Aguri congrats her for reaching a new level. She also transformed to Cure Ace and use a different version of Ace Shoot (Purple Lipstick) to immobilise the Jikochu and Cure Sword cleansed it.

When everything went back to normal, Makoto was performing in high spirits and told everyone that she loved singing...

So another arc for the girls as they learn to overcome their weakness and pressure. Makoto was confused as she originally used her singing to find Ange in the first place but now Ange is found, she find there is no reason to carry on. However Ange convinced her that her singing is a form of hope for people and in her heart, Makoto truly loved singing.

Because of that, Makoto was able to reach the same level as Cure Ace. (Although there is no upgrade to her power) Cure Ace was able to use a different color lipstick due to Cure Sword's resolve which it is no brainier that the next few episodes, a different color for every member's resolve.

We also get to know that Aguri is a 4th grade student which make her the second youngest member in the Precure history. (Ako/Cure Muse is 3rd grade) She still don't trust the girls and gave a "drill Sergeant" attitude to them. I am guessing she know the current levels of the girls and if they don't buckle up, they will definitely lose to the Jikochu in the future.

I am Batman!?

Other than that, I find the resolve for Makoto is pretty mild and not like Smile Precure's over the top Ultra Form episodes (Maybe the girls might get one more power up before the final battle) In the next episode, it is about Cure Rosetta and somehow, Sebastian become a Precure and did Mammo become a masked queen?!

P.S: Is it me or this week episode's animation is pretty bad, the girls looked really bad in wide shots...

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