Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Quick Picks: Gatchaman Crowds Ep 2, Fantasista Doll Ep 3, The World God Only Knows S3 Ep 3

Gatchaman Crowds Ep 2: Hajime went to help Sugane but instead make matters worse and let the MESS escaped.

She was reprimanded by Sugane but she didn't take to heart. Now Hajime is staying with the rest of the team in an apartment but her attitude irritated Sugane and Paiman. Later she introduced Sugane the GALAX app which is a very popular social network.

Hajime and Sugane got another mission but this time, Hajime bind him and she managed to convince the MESS to give up. Later Berg Katse copied a man's appearance and cause an accident while another youth, Rui is talking to Souzai X claiming their GALAX app is popular among the people...

So Hajime is more of a pacifist who used non-violence to stop MESS. A complete opposite from the rest and Sugane dislike her ideals. However he found her very friendly to many people as she used the GALAX app to have a gathering. Mirroring our society where apps and social networking is very common, the GALAX app created by Souzai X could be a trap since Rui and perhaps Berg Katse is behind it.

Hajime also mentioned "the disaster" two years ago and the app saved a lot of lives. So in some weird way, are the Gatchaman the bad guys or Souzai X the good guys? Too many questions but I am still going to watch on to find out! One more thing-GALAX could be analog for Galactar-the evil organisation from the original series.

Fantasista Doll Ep 3: Manai used her dolls to battle Uzume. However she refused to fight them. She instead used an ice cream trap card and managed to wake Manai to her senses.

Manai recalled she met a fortune teller and her mind went blank after that. Raffesia appeared and he suspected the organisation-Mutual Dream Assurance Group (MDAR) was behind her mind control. Later, Uzume thank Madeline for the advice earlier and somehow she got attached to Uzume.

Madeline keep giving advices at school which irritated her until she asked Sasara to lock her in her own room. Meanwhile another user-Kira was directed by a mysterious message to challenge Uzume. He send one of his doll to lure Uzume and Manai to a pool and tried to kill her.

Uzume summoned her dolls but they are afraid to enter the water. Madeline arrived to save Uzume and gave advice to defeat Kira's dolls. However Kira used her doll to create an energy ball (in the process injuring his dolls) and force Uzume to surrender her card. She gave one of her card to him and he escaped in the darkness.

Later Kira is obsessed over the death of his loved one-Marina which his dolls felt distrubed. Shimeji who was doing a new logo for Uzume presented her the logo and she agreed to use it for her deck...

We got a mysterious organisation-MDAR who seem to target Uzume and her dolls for reasons unknown. Kira has issues and abused his dolls but they have no choice but to follow. There is one more thing I am still not sure-The rules of this game! Is there a time limit of when the dolls can recovered? How are the traps being used? What are the winning conditions and is it compulsory to surrender one or more cards to the winner? For a game that is coming on smart phones, there are sure a lot of things they left out...

The World God Only Knows S3 Ep 3: Keima began his conquest of the five girls. He hitched a ride with Tsukiyo on the bus and won her concern. (After a bum on his head)

He went to interact with Ayumi and Chihiro in the same building with little success. Keima next went to look for Shiori in the library and peek at her novel draft. Somehow, the characters looked similar to him and her. Although they traded scenario but Shiroi is still shy to speak to him.

Yui spotted Keima outside the library and she took the offensive to woo him. Luckily Haqua bailed him out and they retreated. Nora came to visit them and she told Haqua that a new order has come down to search for the residents of Heaven. Keima told Haqua to get Nora to spill information as he continue his conquest...

So the order to find the Goddess has come down which could mean Vintage is screwing around the system. But with three days left, will Keima make the break to find the goddess in time before Kanon's demise?

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