Sunday, July 28, 2013

Doki Doki Precure Ep 26: Conflict in the Rain

The class were having a discussion of what is their ambition (Mana want to be a Prime Minister) Rika wondered if her ambition to be a doctor is genuine and later discussed with the others.


Aguri advised Rika to search deep her feelings on what she really want to do and left. Meanwhile, Reva and Gura threw Ira out to the human world. He got hit by lighting and fell into the sea.

Why the Blue/White Precures has the best fashion sense? (That's why I like them!)

Rika was a bit upset that her parents couldn't make it back tonight due to work commitments. She instead took Rakeru out to the seaside and relaxed. They spotted an unconscious Ira on the beach and after some doubts, Rika tended to him.

Ira woke up but he couldn't remember who he was. Rika suspected he has amnesia and decided to take him back to her house. Rika make some food and accidentally trip on Ira and they landed on top of each other. (Rakeru was jealous about it)


Sharuru and Lance dropped by and discovered what has happened. They informed the others and wondered what to do. Aguri arrived and claimed Ira is their enemy and he must be eliminated. She transformed to Cure Ace and pointed her weapon at him.

Rika came between them, begging Cure Ace to hold back. Although Cure Ace told her Ira has betrayed them before but Rika decided to take a chance and believe in him. The others agreed and decided to believe in her.

Gura appeared and attacked them after Cure Ace withdraw herself. Ira started to remember who he was but his memories are fuzzy. The girls transformed and battle Gura however he is too strong for them. During the fight, Gura called out Ira's name which he finally regained his memories.

Gura fired a beam at Ira and the girls but he deflected it. Cure Diamond wondered why he did that. Ira pushed the girls out of Gura's way with a gust of wind which Cure Diamond realised he is secretly aiding them.


Cure Diamond got a new resolve which Cure Ace acknowledged her. She used a Blue version of Ace Shoot and trapped Gura in a bubble. Cure Diamond then used Diamond Shower on him. Gura got a brain freeze after eating the Diamond Shower projectiles. After Gura retreated and the girls congrats Rika on her new resolve, Cure Ace advised her that to be wary of Ira the next time they meet.

Ira removed his bandages and had a moment to himself. Rika's parents finally returned home and she told them she will not just be a doctor but a special one...

So Rika got a new resolve after an encounter with an amnesia and kind hearted Ira. I know fans got this pairing of Rika and Ira which I am okay with it since we haven't had a romantic angle since Setsuna and Westar pairing. Rika herself has doubts (again?!) until she met Ira. I am guessing that the writers want Rika to learn about taking care of injured people irregardless whether they are enemies or not. I mean a real doctor will treat any injured person no matter who they are or what background they came from as saving lives is their top priority.

The others might think Ira is pulling a fast one on them during the battle but Rika could see through his true intentions which I am guessing Ira is an honorable person who repay her gratitude. So Ira has a change of heart the next time they meet? Only time will tell.

So what is next since the four girls got their new resolves? Next week is about Aguri/Cure Ace and the girls discovered that the bad ass Cure Ace has a weakness! What could it be? See you next week to find out!


  1. It seems like in the next episode Aguri's weakness is not being good at making tea. I thought her weakness is her real identity?

  2. i dont think ira has a change of heart because in the end he unwrapped his bandages while kiriya kept the bandage honoka gave to him

  3. I find it odd that Makopi still calls Aguri Cure Ace when she's not transformed.

  4. I loved it when they fell on each other and Ira called her an Angel

    Rikka: I can't make them as well as Mana's dad doe-- AHHH
    Ira: Watch out!!
    Rakeru: RIKKA!!
    Rikka: sorry, is everything alright?
    Ira: Yeah... Just look...
    Rikka: Not those, I mean you!
    Ira: I'll... Manage
    Rikka: Phew. if you're fine, then I am, too
    Ira: (*blushing loads*) you're like an angel...
    Rikka: huh?!
    (*them two just stare at each other for ages*)
    Rakeru: Are you two glued together or something ~keru!!

    ehehehehehehe ^>^ love that scene

    it was also cute when after he had recovered he is still nice to rikka

    Ira: The one who will defeat the Precure's... will be me!
    Makopi: Could it be...
    Rikka: His memories... I see... good
    Ira: W-why are you smiling? (*turns to face her*) you crazy girl...
    Rikka: Well, I'm happy... this must be how I truly feel

    Me: AWWWWW!!! CUTE!!!!

  5. Love this episode very much <3 <3 <3