Monday, July 22, 2013

Doki Doki Precure Ep 25: My Butler and Me

The Precures went to stop a Jikochu and Reva who is rampaging the airport. Cure Rosetta used Rosetta Reflection to block the Jikochu's projectiles.

But her shield broke and they nearly got hit. Cure Ace arrived in time and cleanse the Jikochu. Cure Rosetta thank Cure Ace but she felt her power is not strong enough. Cure Ace told her she need to find the strength herself.

Alice pounded on what to do and it got Sebastian worried. Using the Yotsuba wealth, he created an artificial Cure Comm to assist the girls and tried his new powers. Meanwhile, Mammo who has just argued with Ira, dropped her suitcase off a cliff. At the same time, Sebastian was training and his suitcase got switched with Mammo's suitcase.

Both of them took the wrong suitcase and Mammo tried the Cure Comm, giving her a new costume and powers. Sebastian realised the switch and nearly spill the beans to Alice and Lance. A new Jikochu created by Gura was attacking a shopping mall and the Precures arrived.

Mammo arrived in her new outfit, proclaimed her name as Cutie Madame. She easily knocked the Jikochu and everyone know it was Mammo including Sebastian who suspected she has the Comm. The next day after the Jikochu was defeated by the Precures, Madoka arrived with a newspaper article claiming that Cutie Madame become the town's heroine.

But the truth is Cutie Madame secretly caused these incidents and make everyone believe she saved the day. Sebastian tracked down Mammo but was knocked out by her. Alice found him and he told her the truth.

Alice didn't get angry with Sebastian instead thank him for taking care of her all these years. He was touched by her words. Mammo disrupted a kid's show in a theme park and Alice and Sebastian arrived at the scene.

Alice transformed but Mammo was too strong for her. The others arrived to aid her and Cure Rosetta demanded back the Comm from Mammo. She refused and it got Cure Rosetta very angry, claiming it was for Sebastian's sake. She got a new resolve and Madoka congrats her for reaching a new level. She transformed to Cure Ace and used a yellow version of Ace Shoot to bind Mammo.

She broke free and fired at Cure Rosetta. This time, her Rosetta Reflection was able to repel back the attack and destroyed the Comm. After Mammo retreated, Alice and Sebastian make up and he was touched and continued to serve her...

Compared to the last two episodes about self discovery, Alice's story was weak as it didn't focus much on her but on Sebastian instead. To me, I thought Sebastian was a cool and awesome butler who can take anything thrown at him. But his expressions in this episode which is from disbelief to crying make me think twice. He loved his master so much that he is willing to risk his life to protect her. Furthermore, he didn't get a chance to use his power in action as Mammo took the Comm.

However this episode, we get two Jikochu battles that have nothing to do with the plot and a fight against one of the generals. But looking at how Cure Rosetta became stronger after this ordeal, it is clear to say the girls might have a chance to win in future battles against the generals. Although now the generals are searching for Ange which I am sure we will find out where Joe has been hiding her in a future episode.

Next episode, Ira lose his memories and Rika take care of him. However it will come into conflict with Cure Ace who want to defeat him. Will Rika protect Ira or go against Cure Ace? (Are we getting a Honoka/Kiriya story again?)

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  1. I personally enjoyed this episode mostly for how Marmo got the spot light and how comically she acted the whole time, but what really got me to like this was how strong Sebastion's loyalty is to Alice, all jokes aside, Sebastion is one of the best side characters that isn't a mascot to have come to procure and he definitely deserved his own episode,though hopefully we'll get an episode with each selfish trio members getting a sort of "purifiying" episode, i'd like to See Marmo turn to the good side later on down the line