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First Impressions: Summer Anime 2013 Edition!

Sorry for the wait but there were so many new shows that came out last week so it took me a while to see which shows are worth following it. For this time around, I just have one picture of each show that I reviewed to make it easier. But most probably these are the shows I am currently following and potential regular reviews for Quick Picks.

Are you a flat chest?

Dog & Scissors Ep 1: Kazuhito is a big fan of World Famous Novelist-Akiyama Shinbou. He was shot dead by a robber after trying to rescue a girl in a cafe. Kazuhito suddenly woke up in a dog's body and the same girl bought him claiming she can read his mind. He then discovered the girl's name is Kirihime and her pen name is Akiyama Shinbou.

Interesting Premise as our male lead is a dog and Kirihime is anything but a sadist who hold a scissors in her pocket. (Sounds like a familiar Mysterious Girlfriend we know) But now Kirihime decide to help Kazuhito in finding out the man who killed him and returned to Kazuhito's home...

Danganronpa The Animation Ep 1: Naegi is chosen to join the elite high school-Kibogamine Academy. However he and 14 other students are forced to play a deadly game of survival hosted by a talking stuff bear named Monokuma. The rule is simple-murder anyone without getting caught and they can leave the school. The rest of the students have to find out who is the murderer before the murderer scott free. After being shown footage of their loved one killed or destroyed, everyone got paranoid but Naegi is determined to find a way to escape...

So begin a sick journey as 15 different people have to work together or killed each other in order to survive. Monokuma is voiced by the same seiyu who did Doreamon so it is like Doreamon just went psycho on everyone. Will Naegi and the others leave this school alive or in a body bag?

Rozen Maiden 2013 Ep 1: A re-telling of the first two seasons in a faster pace. However the ending make you scratch your head as Jun choose another path in life and the dolls cease to exist. The character design is different from the previous seasons and where is Sugintou's infamous line? (You are a Junk!)

Kiniro Mosaic Ep 1: Years ago, Shinobu stayed at his mother's friend home in England and make friends with a young girl named Alice. Although they have some problems in communicate, they promise to meet again. Now Alice has came to Japan and is well versed in Japanese. She transfer to Shinbou's school and stayed with them...

Sweet premise which reminds me of Croisee in a Foreign Labyrinth but with more sweet and bright moments. Although Alice can speak Japanese but somehow does not understand the puns and slang which leave for some laughter.

Tamayura More Aggressive Ep 1: Fu and her friends are back in this heart warming drama revolved on Fu's Rollei 35S camera. So far it is more of reintroducing everyone in this first episode. If you have not watch the first season, I recommended you watch it first or you might get lost.

Love Lab Ep 1: Riko is a tomboyish girl and Maki, the student head president is adored by all the students and teachers. One day, Riko saw Maki practicing kissing on a pillow and is dragged into her antics. Maki want to learn everything about Romance and courtship and thought Riko is a Love Guru which resulted in some hilarious results.

In an all girls' school, two complete opposite characters meet together and become this odd couple. I laughed at Maki trying out all the love cliches like holding hands, bumping each other in the morning and Riko who was rejected by all the guys as she was too much of a tomboy in her flashback. Cute show but will have to watch more to make my verdict.

Fate Kaleid Liner Prisma Ilya Ep 1: In a world where the Holy Grail war does not exist and the Servants of FSN only exist in cards. IIya led a normal life and has a crush on her cousin, Shiro. But when Rin's magic stick, Ruby rejected her, it searched IIya and tricked her into become a magical girl.

So far, it is pretty funny to see the FSN cast in a different light and no craze psycho to force the characters to fight to the death. Although the opening indicate we will be able to see all the Servants as summons which include Dark Saber?!

Fantasista Doll Ep 1: Uzume found a strange comm in her bag and was challenged by an another girl with the same comm. The comm told Uzume to form a contract and a girl named Sasara appeared. Using the cards in the comm. Sasara defeated her opponent and gained a new card. Later Uzume found out she is the master of five different girls from the comm..

So instead of a guy, we get a girl who become the master of five different girls from a comm. Mix it with some card battles rules, we basically have a moe version of Yu-Gi-Oh or Cardfight Vanguard. Interesting premise, considering that a phone game of the same name is already in production...

I am your worst nightmare! (Stallone's voice)

Stella Jogakuin Koutouka C3-bu Ep 1: Freshman Yura entered the Stella Women's Academy and while hanging out in her new dorm, she discovered her room mate, Sonora owned several air guns and rifles. Sonora's club members from the C3 club dragged Yura to join their club and after a practice run which got Yura imagining she is in a scene from the first Rambo movie, she joined the club immediately.

Mix K-ON with Upotte and we have this series which put cute girls in a survival shooting game. Not bad show although the Rambo scene was funny.

Ro-Kyu-Bu SS Ep 1: Moka and her friends returned for more basketball actions (cuteness!) When Moka was reprimanded by her father for focusing on basketball, she was not allowed to join the other for the night festival. However her mother entrusted Subaru to take care of Moka. Her father tried to take her back but Subaru and the rest of the girls convinced him to trust Moka. Later a silver hair girl challenge Moka in a basketball match...

The cuteness returned with the basketball girls. After last season's defeat against a professional team, they decided to work harder but it won't be easier as there are new rivals to battle. Of course, the girls also tried to score with Subaru who has to cope with his childhood friend, Aoi and his playful aunt, Mihoshi.

Risa maybe Female lead but Akeno is the one that I want to score with!

High School DxD S2 Ep 1: When the gang visited Issei's home, Kiba spotted an old photo of Issei and another kid behind a holy sword. During a mission, Kiba caused Koneko to get hurt and was reprimanded by Rias. They later found out that Kiba was the sole survivor of an experiment by the church to replicate holy swords including the famed Excalibur...

More Boobs! More Hot Girls! Issei is going all wild at it! However this new season focused on Kiba and his revenge against those who weld the holy swords. Will Issei be able to stop him from going overboard or will more new female characters distract him along the way?

Senki Zesshou Symphogear G Ep 1: It has been three months since Hibiki and the others saved the world however during an escort trip, Hibiki and Chris found out that the aliens-NOISE seemed to be control by someone rather than instincts. They lost an artifact-Solomon's Key and the Professor in charge of it-Dr Ver. Meanwhile, Kanade is performing with international idol, Maria in a concert. However Maria hold the concert hostage with NOISE and declared a war against the world. She then transformed into a black Gungir (Same as Hibiki) which everyone was stunned...

I reviewed the first two episodes last year and was taken aback. Later I decided to try again to watch and realise it is not bad especially the battle songs they have. So this new season, we have Hikasa Yoko dueting with Mizuki Nana (The fanboys are having a field day) and she seems to be the enemy but I got a feeling Hibiki or Kanade will convince her to change her ways since this is a show about friendship and songs.

So that is so far the shows I reviewed. I think the next few shows are the World God only Knows Season 3 and Neptune the Animation. Until then, see you in the next post!

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