Sunday, July 7, 2013

Doki Doki Precure Ep 23-Who is Cure Ace? Part 4

Cure Ace arrived and take on Regina. She was able to take Regina on and used her attack-Ace Shoot to damage Regina.

Bel and the others carried Regina and Mana tried to stop them. However Regina (still brainwashed) consider the Precure as enemies which shocked Mana. After the Jikochu retreated, Mana was in tears and Cure Ace took away her Lovies.

Cure Ace explained the first vow of the Precure's Five Vows-A Precure must always move forward no matter how despair the situation will be. But Mana could not accept it and Cure Ace left.

King Jikochu used his power to heal Regina and was furious at the generals. Two new generals-Reva and Gura appeared and King Jikochu ordered the two of them to destroy the Precures.

Rika and Makoto went to visit Mana however her parents told them that Mana is still down and is moping in her room. Alice arrived with Sebastian and told them they still could not find who Cure Ace is. They saw Mana's grandfather carrying some stuffs for the street festival and offered to help since Mana was supposed to help him.

I have a sister?!

As the girls help in the festival, Mana is in her room thinking about Regina. Suddenly a flash of light surrounded the house and Mana's mother told her to take care of her "Sister"Ai-Chan. Ai-Chan cheered Mana up and they went to the street festival.

Mana thought she saw Regina and ran into an alley. A young girl appeared in front of them and Ai-Chan was friendly towards her. The young girl told Mana if she doesn't get her act together, she will lose the important people around her and even know Mana's name.

Meanwhile, two of Makoto's fans were changed to Jikochu by Reva and Gura and caused panic in the festival. Rika and the others transformed but were no match against the Jikochu. Mana heard their pain through her Comm and decided to help them with or without her power.

Even without powers, Mana can still perform God Voice!


Mana arrived and she used a large umbrella to block the Jikochu's black ink. The young girl arrived to return her Lovies and the second vow of the Precure's Five Vows (Someone help me with the translation as my Japanese is a bit rusty). After Mana transformed, the young girl revealed her identify-She is Cure Ace and Ai-Chan is her spirit.



I can knock you off with one finger!

Time for Combination Attack!


Cure Heart and Cure Ace tag team to fight the Jikochu and finished it with their attacks. After the Jikochu generals retreated, the others were glad that Cure Heart is back however Cure Ace told them their trials has just began if they were to win in future battles...

We finally come to the end of this arc and it was pretty good. We have a new member, new generals and a new resolve for Mana. Let's talk about Mana first. Despite Regina being brainwashed and hating her, Mana went moping for about 15 minutes but a small pep talk from Cure Ace got her pumped up and her friends are in danger.It showed that Mana will bounce back in no time unlike certain anime leads (I am talking to you, Ikari Shinji!) who take forever to get on their feet. Although I am worried that Cure Heart is now the strongest among the four and the other three are going to be pushed to the sideline in future episodes. (Which I hope not)

The two new generals-Reva and Gura who represented Envy and Glutton are your standard Precure generals and nothing unique about them. One is thin and the other is fat (Laurel and Hardy?) Although we now have six of the Seven Deadly Sins-Ira is Wrath, Mammo is Greed, Bel is Sloth, Regina is Pride, Reva is Envy and Gura is Glutton which left Lust as the final sin or it could be King Jikochu who lusted for power. (Correct me if I am wrong)

Finally Cure Ace herself. After Cure Muse, she is also an elementary school student to become one of the youngest Precures. So far, she remain calm and speak in a more strict tone as Cure Ace. Of course, she is still a kid as we see in the next episode, her childlike manner is revealed although I hope she doesn't become more of an annoyance like the rest of Kugimiya Rie's tsundere roles which majority of the roles, I am not a fan of it. Anyway, her attack and presentation is pretty good although her henshin item is similar to Milky Rose's Skyrose Translator but that lipstick stick or rod is a neat toy and perhaps Toei might consider making a real lipstick like the Smile Pact.

The Kugimiya Rie we are more familiar with...

Cure Ace's title card!

In the next episode, Makoto decided to quit being an idol since Ange has been found and there is no need for her to carry on. But I am guessing Cure Ace is testing her to see if she is worthy for a greater power since she mentioned of a trial for them. Until then, See you next week!

P.S: I bought the New Stage 2 animation comic book and yeah, I spolit myself by knowing the story. If you want to know more, leave a note on the comment section!


  1. Regina represents Lust not Pride.

  2. I thought the Jikochu Trio were gonna fight Cure Ace?

    1. King Jikochu was angry with the trio for causing Regina to get hurt and send the two new generals-Reva and Gura to attack the Precures.

  3. Ohh! O.O NS2 spoils? Tell me about them!! :3

  4. Doesn't it look like Mana figured out who Aguri is because she wasn't surprised when Aguri called her Cure Heart?