Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Quick Picks: Majestic Prince Ep 16, Gatchaman Crowds Ep 3, Fantasista Doll Ep 4, The World God Only Knows S3 Ep 4

Majestic Prince Ep 16: Although being reprimanded for using a core unit to battle, Izuru was let off and returned to the others. They suggested to have a real welcome party for Ange and even Team Doberman were invited.

Meanwhile Amane learned from Rin about the secret of Team Rabbits' mechs but Rin didn't reveal much about Teoria. Amane later went to a conference where the countries of the world are trying to create the same technology as Team Rabbits.

Izuru was invited by Teoria for dinner and he asked Sugaru to accompany him. They met Teoria in a traditional Japanese restaurant and during their conversation, Teoria told them she find Earth culture interesting and hope to learn more. However, Peko barged in and told them that the Wulgura has entered Earth's airspace...

I was expecting more between Izuru and Teoria but somehow something has to interrupt them. But now the Wulgura has invaded Earth and their target happened to be the MJP academy. Can the team repel the Wulgura forces and protect their former home? Find out in the first of a two parter episode next week!

Gatchaman Crowds Ep 3: The team were shocked at how Hajime is able to communicate with the MESS creature and the abducted people were released with no memories of what has happened.

Rui was pleased on how more people choose to use the GALAX app and less interactions among people. In school, a message was spread through the GALAX app claiming that the milk packets that were shipped to school has been contaminated. Hajime and her classmates tried to warn everyone and asked Sugane to create a diversion.

The diversion was a success and people stopped drinking the milk packets. Later Berg Katse copied a teen's appearance and went on a stabbing spree. Jo managed to subdue Berg Katse (in disguise) however he fled and Jo confronted him in a corner.

An accident occurred in a cable car railway and Rui decided to use her weapons-CROWDS to offer assistance to the accident...

So CROWDS happened to be created by Rui to aid her. Is it a good thing? I don't think so. Berg Katse is absolutely the bad person as he framed a teen for a stabbing incident but Jo has him cornered but I doubt he could handle Berg Katse alone. What about the GALAX app? Sure it could be useful in times but physical human interaction is more important. With more people relaying too much on technology, it could led to something bad in the future as information could be misled or falsified...

Fantasista Doll Ep 4: Shimeji took out a box containing a small rose ring and signed. Uzume told the dolls about the usage of her bathroom and food consummation which got the dolls angry.

Shimeiji recalled that she used to be friends with Kira's doll, Aloe and they have the same master. However their master left them without any reasons which got Shimeiji worried. Uzume decided to take her out to town.

When Uzume want to give her a bow pin as a present, Shimeiji refused claiming Uzume will leave her again. She ran away but they both met Kira and Aloe who challenged them again. Both users summoned their dolls as Rafflesia and another man watched the match live stream.

Kira used a trap card and bind Uzume's doll. He tried to electrocute Shimeiji but Uzume barged in and broke the wires. Shimeiji got pissed and she took down Kira's dolls easily. Kira used one more card and tried to self destruct his dolls with Uzume.

They freed the other two dolls but Aloe's bomb could not be removed. She choose to sacrifice herself and was killed. The other two dolls kicked Kira to the ground and broke their contract with him. Rafflesia appeared and asked Uzume to use the Recovery card to revive Aloe. Aloe choose to stay with Kira since he saved her life before.

Uzume gave the bow pin as a present to Shimeiji and she placed it together with her rose ring...

A good end to this short arc as we see what happened with a doll lose it's life. It change back to an inactive card but thanks to Uzume's recovery card, Aloe is revived however Kira has already see the light, she decided to stay to help him as he did take her in when she was abandoned. I was expecting to see Shimeiji to be dim-witted but she is actually pretty strong in raw power as she easily take down the three dolls with ease. But next week, Uzume used up her allowances and the dolls decided to take jobs to earn money for her...

The World God Only Knows S3 Ep 4: Haqua tried to ask more from Nora but she left instead. Keima tried to interact more with Shiori however she was too shy to talk further and left. The miasma surrounding Kanon was getting stronger and Nora found out what has happened.

Tsukiyo's doll suddenly attack Keima revealing herself as Vulcanus, one of the Jupiter Sisters. Keima managed to escape and find Tsukiyo. After some rough moments, he managed to touch her heart and she kissed him.

Tsukiyo's back revealed wings meaning her goddess has been awaken. Diana/Tenri greeted her and they used their powers to pull out the dagger from Kanon. However Kanon created a secondary barrier to seal herself. Diana suggested to find another sister of theirs, Mercurius to release the barrier.

Later Diana wondered why Tsukiyo has angel wings which means her love for Keima is stronger. She tried to get more intimate with him but Tenri was too shy. She later walked back home not knowing her wings has been released...

Three down, three more to go! With Tsukiyo's goddess rescued and Kanon's life is saved (For the moment) Keima will have to find the last three goddess especially Mercurius since she is the only one who could release Kanon/Apollo's seal. So where could Mercurius be hiding? But Nora's warning to Keima and Haqua could reveal that Vintage has already infiltrated the Soul catching team and a spy is in their midst...

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