Friday, July 19, 2013

Quick Picks: Majestic Prince Ep 15, The World God Only Knows S3 Ep 2

Majestic Prince Ep 15: As Izuru is treated in the medical bay, Simon informed Rin that their Mechs are encoded with the pilots' DNA. Due to the survival program, there is a high chance that their personalities will changed.

Izuru woke up but his character become very confident which embarrassed Kei. Meanwhile, Amane is promoted to Commander and she led Team Doberman to protect a mining field. But they were ambushed by a Wulgaru general-Lumes who used stealth tech to confuse them.

Everyone went to visit Izuru but were mesmerised by his actions. Kei make some cakes for him and he felt unconscious after one bite. He regained conscious but returned to his usual self. The team were sortie to assist Amane's ship however Izuru stayed behind as his mech is still undergoing repairs.

The team tried their best to hold up but Ange went gung-ho and tried to take down the Wulgaru. They were nearly defeated until Izuru arrived in his core mech and drove them away. After the battle, Simon discovered their system has been hacked by Lumes and he showed the Wulgaru the MJP academy on Earth...

So Izuru became awesome guy for the first half until Kei's cake wake him up. It was hilarious to see everyone going gaga over Izuru. Furthermore, he was able to defeat half of the Wulgaru with his Core mech. Imagine if he went full armor. But now the Wulgaru know the MJP academy so there is a chance the battle might take place on Earth. Furthermore, Lumes discovered that Teoria is feeding information to Earth....Dark times for our heroes.

The World God Only Knows S3 Ep 2: Kanon/Apollo send a message to warn the rest of her sisters and fell into a coma. Keima and Elsie found her but even with Haqua and Tenri's help, they are unable to pull out the magic dagger.

They discovered that Vintage was behind it however Keima decided to find the remaining four Jupiter sisters before Kanon's life is extinguished within seven days. He instructed Elsie to disguise as Kanon and Haqua to disguise as Elsie.

Keima later draw out a conclusion after meeting all the girls he encountered. He shortlisted Ayumi, Chihiro, Tsukiyo, Yui and Shiori as the remaining four goddess. He deciced to win their hearts again and began a crazy love plan the next day...

So begin the crazy dating scenario for Keima as he need to win all five girls' hearts so that the goddess inside them could be awaken. Ayumi and Chirio are stubborn, Tsukiyo is bratty, Shiroi is shy and Yui is manly. Can Keima do it or end up in a tight fix?

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