Saturday, July 6, 2013

Quick Picks: Majestic Prince Ep 13

Majestic Prince Ep 13: The team learned that a new member is joining them. Rin introduced Ange to the team and they wondered if Ange is a guy or a girl.

Izuru tried to make Ange comfortable but instead Ange asked for a trial battle with him. They battled each other and Ange was able to defeat him easily.

Later the team want to have a welcome party for Ange but they were ordered for a mission to protect a supply base. One of the Wulgaru generals-Klevin is leading the attack and set an ambush for the reinforcements.

Team Rabbit arrived and they were surrounded. Kei was hit and is taken away by the Wulgaru. Everybody tried to save her and when suddenly Ange went berserk and slay all the Wulgaru with his/her mech. The team were speechless as Ange single-handle chase off the Wulgaru away...

A new member, a new opening and what is Ange's gender? One thing for sure, things are going to get hot in the next few episodes. Ange was a dick when he tried to tear off Izuru's sketchbook but Kei slapped him. I think Kei cared about Izuru but he is too oblivious to notice that. Ange's mech-Black Six is pretty awesome with the firepower it is carrying. But Ange is really a craze pilot that could lead the team into serious trouble in the future...

I am dropping Railgun as I felt it is more fun writing about Majestic Prince than seeing Emo and now crazed Mikoto going all out to stop the Sisters project. I did watched a few of the new shows and there are some good ones that I might review it in Quick Picks. I will wait for a few more shows before doing the First Impression column.

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