Saturday, June 29, 2013

Quick Picks: Valvrave the Liberator Ep 12 FINAL, Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S2 Ep 12

Valvrave the Liberator Ep 12 FINAL: In the future, Saki spoke to a boy about how their history begins and the sacrifice they make. In the present time, she declined Haruto's proposal and told him to find Shouko.

Cain ordered a drill machine to hit for the surface and it released poisonous gas around the basements. Saki and the others tried to help but were trapped by the Dorssia's heat shields. Haruto and L-elf joined up and meet Cain but somehow they were overpowered by him and A-Drei.

Shouko tried to get Akira to leave her hut but she refused until Shouko was knocked out by the drill. Akira scrabbled to get her and found the Valvrave Unit 6. She piloted it and rescued Shouko. Akira then tried to stop the drill machine and discovered her weapon is able to hack the system and it shut down by itself.

Haruto and L-elf escaped from the commotions and piloted Valvrave. They fired at Cain but somehow he survived and is emitting a green aura. Cain levitate himself to the Unit 2 chamber and was able to activate it with a core.

The AI in Unit 1 respond to Unit 2 and called it "Brother". L-elf could only deduce that Cain is not human and know more about the Valvrave. Cain then announced that he is MAGIUS-the shadow government who governed the world.

In another place, the two representives of Arus and Dorssia meet together...

So a cliffhanger that leave with more questions than answers! Like how Code Geass leave us with a shocking cliffhanger in season 1, Valvrave did the same with Cain piloted Unit 2 and the AI called Blue is related to Unit 1's AI. We finally get the last pilot which is Akira who overcome tremendous stress and trauma to save Shouko. Her Unit 6 is also fitted for her since it is able to hack machines with her weapon (Coincidental?) What about Cain? we know now he is not human and even called Haruto "A Third Generation" and he belonged to MAGIUS-the shadow government. This is getting crazy and interesting every episode and I can't wait for the next season which will be out on October.

A sneak peak to the next season as we see Haruto and the rest in new uniforms which means they are leaving the school in the next season. L-elf returned to Dorssia, Saki talking to Cain, H-neun covering in blood and Saki's Valvrave wrecked. Can't wait for the next season then! (I know that the little boy looked like L-elf which speculate a lot of questions)

Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S2 Ep 12: Years ago, Mikoto relyed on her mother when she has a problem but now she decided to hack the Tree Diagram-the super computer that control the Academy City and the Sisters Project.

She met Touma along the way and later he met her clone-MISAKI who is tending a kitten. MISAKI asked Touma to take care of the kitten but somehow she got attached to it. Meanwhile, Mikoto arrived at the space station that hold the terminal to Tree Diagram and sneaked her way through.

Touma went to get some books about cats when MISAKI saw Accelerator and left the kitten outside the bookstore. Meanwhile, Mikoto discovered the place was abandoned long ago and Tree Diagram was already destroyed in space...

An another twist as the super computer known as Tree Diagram was destroyed long before but who is controlling the computer now to make Academy City running? Someone else perhaps? But now Touma is probably going to find MISAKI and his encounter with Accelerator. (We all know how that went out)

P.S: Majestic Prince Episode 13 will be out next week. This week is a recap episode plus an interview with Hikasa Yoko and Iguchi Yuka who played Kei and Tamaki who talked about their experiences in the show.

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