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Quick Picks: Majestic Prince Ep 12, Valvrave the Liberator Ep 11, Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S2 Ep 11, Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Bride Ep 12 FINAL, Date A Live Ep 12 FINAL

Majestic Prince Ep 12: The team got the day off as such Kei and Tamaki went around the city to become ambassadors for various departments. Sugaru was dragged by Anna from his support team to do shopping in town.

Kei as a nurse...yummy!

Cool Eyecatch!

Tamaki maybe big but Kei is cool and sexy!

Ataru was standing outside the base waiting for something while Izuru spent time drawing his manga. Everyone finally get to do what they want-Sugaru and Anna's relationship got better, Izuru showed his support team his manga (which no one understand a thing) Kei and Tamaki were tired after the promotions and Ataru was actually spotting a new aircraft that is entering their base...

You can call this a filler episode with the team just getting some R and R. But it was fun especially Kei and Tamaki who went to different places and get to wear different clothing (I am not complaining them wearing swimwear and nurses clothing!) Sugaru and Anna's interaction was fun like a big brother taking care of his younger sister. Although Ataru and Izuru's free time was kinda of strange....

Valvrave the Liberator Ep 11: Haruto asked Saki to clear what happened the night before. Meanwhile, Shouko met the rest of the "cabinet" and tried to ask Akira to meet the others. However Akira recalled her bad memories and freaked out.

Haruto tried to talk to Saki but she keep leading him. Suddenly a Dorassia fleet led by Waterberg blocked their path to the moon. Haruto and the others sortie and L-elf instructed him to use Harakiri blade to wipe out the fleet.

As the other units covered Haruto, Waterberg ordered a conversation with the "head" of the Module 77-Shouko. She and L-elf took the call in another room and she was shocked to see her father, Ryuuji held hostage by Waterberg. He demanded for their surrender when Ryuuji told her to fight for the future and protect everyone.

Just then, Haruto used Harakiri and destroyed Waterberg's ship and Ryuuji. Suddenly, Cain led an ambush team and drilled through the module's hanger. Everyone returned to the colony to help when Haruto suddenly ask Saki to marry him...

This show is getting better every week! Ryuuji who is the former Jior Prime minister know the truth of the Valvrave but rather die than give up the secret. Shouko could not do anything but see her father died. Cain now is determined to capture the colony and perhaps the Valvrave. L-elf was prepared to kill Shouko if she agreed to the surrender but hold off after her father was killed. Of course, my eyes went wide open with Haruto's marriage proposal to Saki but I am pretty sure there won't be a marriage by the end of this season...

Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S2 Ep 11: Mikoto recalled sometime ago that she was harassed by some punks when Touma came to her aid. He was trying to get his change from the vending machine when Mikoto offered to help. (She kicked the machine and set off the alarm)

After getting several cans of drink, they took a breather and drink the cans. Kuroko mistaken Touma as Mikoto's boyfriend but decided not to take further action claiming Mikoto will be cheated by him and she will come crying to Kuroko's arms.

Suddenly, a MIKASA clone appeared which surprised Mikoto. The clone explained the project is still ongoing. MIKASA later offered to help Touma in carrying the cans. Mikoto hacked the system and found more than 100 over labs are in operation. She realised the enemy could be the Academy city itself.

As Accelerator recalled how he agreed to the project, Mikoto asked Kuroko what will happen if she become the enemy of the city, She replied she will arrest Mikoto...

A guest appearance by Touma and recalling their first encounter in the original Index series was nostalgic. So what will Mikoto do now since the Academy City is behind the cloning project?


Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Bride Ep 12 FINAL: The evil force which has become a giant Samurai started attacking the barrier to the Guardian Stone. Senhime and the others tried to stop it but were quickly defeated and absorbed into the giant.

Mumeakira, Jubei and Madea arrived too late and Mumeakira tried to take the giant alone but was knock out cold. Jubei transformed by her own will but instead got sucked into the giant. She saw Inshun who told her to enter the core and kill her before it was too late.

Madea managed to revive Mumeakira and together with Jubei, entered the core. They saw Inshun is possessed by the evil forces and Matemon and Kojiro are blocking their path. Suddenly, the other girls arrived and they focused their energy to Mumeakira and Jubei.

Jubei became the Samurai Bride and clease the area, causing Matemon and Kojiro to be free by the evil forces and to be in peace. Mumeakira and Jubei then did the same to Inshun and the giant was defeated. However the evil forces possessed Mushashi and battled Jubei.

Jubei used her ultimate skill and clease the evil forces and freed Mushashi. The barrier to the Guardian Stone was restored and the country was saved. Everyone was revived and returned to Mumeakira and Jubei...

I was expecting the Dark Samurai to survive but instead they were led to rest and furthermore, it seems everything move really fast in this final episode. Everyone got absorbed, Inshun told Jubei to kill her and the Samurai Bride form is really not what I expected-Rocket packs? Really? But Jubei's final attack with her holding a giant sword and wearing an eye patch like the real Jubei was pretty cool.

Final Thoughts: The first season was much better as they introduce the characters and the finale was pretty good. This time around was first half fan service and the Samurai Bride plot only came like the last three episodes which is really hard to absorb this plot device so sudden. Anyway, the whole show is just to have more fan service among the girls which I am not complaining. Although the Dark Samurai couldn't be saved, I wonder there will be an extra scene like the first season where in the Blu-Ray and DVD final episode, it revealed Jubei returned back to the others. So let's hope the final volume of this season will have something extra then.

Date A Live Ep 12 FINAL: Shindo and Kotori were enjoying themselves at the theme park while Yoshino told Touka about Kotori being a Spirit.

Before Shindo could sealed off Kotori's power, Origami arrived with a stolen prototype suit and tried to kill Kotori. They ignored Shindo's plea and battle each other. Kotori suddenly went berserk and knocked Origami to the ground.

Touka in bikini armor!

Origami want to know if she was the one who killed her parents five years ago which startled Kotori. Origami immediately knocked her down and was about to deal the final blow. Shindo came between them and tried to persuade her. Touka and Yoshino arrived to hold off Origami as Shindo brought Kotori to a corner.

He told her he love her and it touched Kotori. They kissed and saw in the flashback there was something else that caused the disaster. Origami saw Shindo has sealed Kotori's power in him and told Origami to shoot him.

However Origami was too weak to carry on and fainted. Days later after Origami was detained, Reine showed Shindo a love parameter of Kotori and realised she was always in love with him and the date was something she was hoping for.

Shindo and Touka were on a rooftop and although she doesn't mind him rescuing other spirits but she hated the idea of him kissing every girl. She asked for a kiss however Kotori and the others were spying on him and Yoshino's doll got the kiss instead...

A better finale than Samurai Bride as I suspected that Kotori couldn't have killed Origami's parents but it was someone else which no one has yet to explain. Origami is now in custody which I am sure it won't work well for her (She did stole a prototype suit and caused collateral damage) Hope we can see her again. Of course, it is confirmed we are getting a second season. After all, Kurumi is still on the loose and there are more spirits and new characters plus Touka get a new power up from the teaser preview.

Touka kicked ass!

Final Thoughts: I never knew anything about this show until I learned it was from a light novel. Shindo was almost every typical male harem lead but he has a sense of responsibility and nice guy all round. But my favourite is Touka voiced by Inoue Marina who bring in not just bad ass warrior princess but sweet girl with a huge stomach void. (Why do you think my blog picture is her?) Origami was cool and probably the most desperate to get into Shindo's pants. Kotori is a less irritated Kirino and the last two episodes is probably her best. Overall, the story is nothing special other than winning the girls' hearts but the action scenes were pretty fun. When the second season is out, you can be sure I will review it again!

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