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Doki Doki Precure Ep 22: Who is Cure Ace? Part 3

The girls together with Regina and Joe returned back to the shop. Ange is still trapped in the crystal which Rika suggested that a kiss always wake up the princess in fairy tales.

Why are you covering my eyes, Sebastian?

Joe tried it but it didn't work. However he decided to keep Ange in a secret place and the less people know about it, the better. Regina didn't know what to do after making her father furious. Mana told her that her feelings will get through her father since she loved him. The others also thanked Regina for saving Mana in the Trump Kingdom.

Mana brought Regina to her home and her parents allowed Regina to stay. They had a wonderful dinner together but Regina felt a sense of anxiety in her heart. After seeing Mana's photos with her parents, Regina realised she has no memories of her father in the past but Mana ensured her that it is not too late to make memories with her father.

As the Jikochu generals searched for Regina, Mana's father Kentaro took the girls to the beach for a picnic. The girls have a wonderful time but Regina still feel uneasiness. Kentaro told the girls that he will usually come to the beach if he is troubled and no matter how bumpy life can be, always move ahead.

Suddenly the Jikochu generals arrived and tried to snatch Regina back. Kentaro was knocked unconscious by Ira which got the girls to transform. They began battling the generals however Bel ambushed them and were knocked out.

King Jikochu arrived as an illusion and he caught Regina in a vortex. He told her to get rid of those positive feelings in her but she refused. King Jikochu tricked her, claiming he can get rid of her anxiety and corrupted her heart completely.

Regina returned in a darker and ruthless manner. She blasted the Precures with ease. Cure Sword suggested to use Lovely Force Arrow to free her however Cure Heart refused to fire at her. Regina fired at them again and they de-transformed.

I am Flame Hazer...No, I am Cure Ace! (Kugmiya fans will know where Flame Hazer come from)

Before Regina could dealt the final blow, a mysterious person arrived and destroyed the blast. The person introduced herself as The Trump Card of Love-Cure Ace!

So Cure Ace has finally arrived and it is a new character from nowhere! So those rumors of Regina, Ange or even Ai-Chan being Cure Ace are thrown out of the window! Unfortunately, we will only get to see Cure Ace in action in the next episode. (What a cock tease!)

Before I talked about Cure Ace, let's talk about Regina who is the focus of this arc. So first, Regina claimed she has no memories of her father in the past which could assume she is not even a real person or Regina is some adopted baby or something like that. Her anxiety is due to her whole life was being self centred before meeting Mana.

When Mana came to the picture, she experienced positive emotions that conflicted her beliefs. But I got to say, King Jikochu sure know how to "solve" her problem-by corrupting her heart, Regina forsaken everything which is good and become a real hardcore villain. (Funny, this seem to be a familiar plot where a conflicted character was brainwashed and is now fighting her former friends -Toei's favourite Sentai cliches)

What about Cure Ace? Voiced by Miss Tsundere herself-Kugimiya Rei, I could tell she will be more of the authoritative character rather than the spolit brat that Kugimiya is more famous for. The Royal Crystals seem to be part of her henshin item and I could swore I hear Ai-Chan's voice when the henshin item is activated. Other than that, we will have to see what Cure Ace will bring to the table in the future episodes.

Hello, High Forehead!

Do you know the first sentence is the theme song from Fist of the North Star and the second sentence is a parody of Ultraman Jack's final episode?

Next episode, the conclusion to the Cure Ace Arc. A new girl appeared in front of the girls. New Jikochu generals! Cure Ace in Action! The anxiety is killing me (Just like Regina) Until then, see you next week! (I can't wait for the Cure doll version of Cure Ace when it come out!)

P.S: Thanks to everyone who have voted in the polls and the three who voted for "Someone completely new", you are right on the horse! Maybe I will do another poll if something interesting is worth speculating about!

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  1. So, Cure Ace took Mana's lovies and isn't going to give it back until she get over Regina?