Monday, June 10, 2013

Quick Picks: Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S2 Ep 9, Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Bride Ep 10, Date A Live Ep 10

Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S2 Ep 9: Mugino appeared and tried to take down Mikoto. Mikoto avoid a frontal confrontation and head straight to the lab.

However another member of ITEM, Takitsubo was able to track Mikoto's energy signature and Mugino was almost close in taking down her after a few close shaves. Meanwhile Shinbou tried to install a new program to override the clones but was caught by Kinuhata. Furthermore, the program was blocked by another security program.

After a while, Mugino suspected that Mikoto is Railgun and ordered the rest to fall back while she began to hunt Mikoto down like a prey...

So the hunt continue as Mikoto is trying to move one step ahead of Mugino who I can tell she is broken in her mind. Shinbou is being caught which can't be good. Will Mikoto be able to live through this night?

Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Bride Ep 10: Kojiro demanded to know who is responsible for revive them and Matemon's condition. Meanwhile, Mumeakira, Jubei, Sen and Yukimura went to meet to Yoshiko who explained the origin of the Guardian Stone.

The Guardian Stone is a life line that supported the country. However it was damaged during the Amakusa battle. Because of that, evil forces have revived to destroy the country which the group suspected the Dark Samurai.

The evil forces told Kojiro they used Matemon as a puppet to see everything and Inshun is a spirit vessel. Kojiro have doubts of she learn but Mushashi told her she just want to fight strong people.

Yoshiko told them the seals will be done a day after their battle against the Dark Samurai which leave them little time. Yukimura went through the secrets of the Samurai Bride and discovered that a general and seven of his Master Samurais have to send their energy to one particular person but they might lose their lives in the process...

Looking at the shape of the evil forces, does it remind you of a particular snake like god in Japan folktale? I hope Matemon don't die because I like her and Inshun who is too kind could end up being the last boss. So the secret of Samurai Bride is known but it will come at a terrible risk. Will the group risk it to save their country?

Date A Live Ep 10: Kotori battled Kurumi and is getting the upper hand. However she started behaving like a crazed person and fired at Kurumi. Shindo went in front of the barrel and everything went blank.

Shindo woke up in hospital and learnt everyone is still alive and Kurumi escaped. He met Kotori in an enclosed room and she revealed she was given Spirit powers five years ago and in the process caused Shindo's amnesia.

Shindo also possessed her self regeneration powers however Kotori is slowly losing her mind. He was ordered to take Kotori on a date and make her fall in love with him in two days time. Shindo later tried to visit Mana in the hospital but was denied. He met Origami and she make him carry her to the ward.

Suck it hard, Origami!

After feeding some apples (Oh yeah! Finger licking!) Origami asked if he is aware of the Fire Spirit that appeared. He act ignorance however she explained her parents were killed in a fire five years ago which is caused by a Fire Spirit and she believed it was the same Spirit...

Kotori is a human who got Spirit powers and she caused the death of Origami's parents five years ago? I hope Origami is wrong but if this is true, I know she won't hold back in trying to kill Kotori. But now, Shindo have to make Kotori fall in love with him otherwise she will lose herself and become a killing machine...(What a tangled web Shindo have weaved!)

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