Sunday, June 9, 2013

Doki Doki Precure Ep 19: Take me out to the Ball Game!

Regina want to get the remaining crystals and the generals suggested a plan to defeat the Precures and get the crystals.

The girls were at Joe's shop and were pounding on how to get the last crystal from Regina. She appeared in front of the girls and suggested a winner-take-all game. Despite the others' protest, Mana agreed to the game and even pinky swear with Regina.

Regina summoned a Purse Jikochu to suck them into an another dimension including Ai-Chan. When the girls arrived, they transformed and Regina explained they have to win two out of three rounds to get the crystals.

Cure Sword acted all cutey! (I love it!!)

The first round was a soccer penalty shoot out. However the Jikochu generals cheated and they won the first round. Next it was bowling and the girls are forced to hit hundreds of Jikochu pins to win. Fortunately, Ai-Chan assisted them and they win the second round.

Finally, it was dodge ball and initially, the girls have problem standing on icy floor but the Jikochu generals have their own internal scuffle and forfeit the match (They all went out of the court during the scuffle)

Cure Heart demanded Regina to hand over the crystal but the generals influenced her not to. Instead, Regian summoned the Purse Jikochu to attack them. The girls hold their ground and somehow managed to defeat it and return home.

When they returned to Joe's shop, Regina held all the five crystals when suddenly, the crystals glowed and flew away to an unknown location...

Who wouldn't have see that coming when Regina will try to cheat to get the crystals? Mana tried her best to make her see what is right however the generals' influence was too strong and Regina fell into temptation. The ball games itself is a typical heroes verses villains scenario and you know the Jikochu will cheat but the girls used their brains and not resorting to their low to win. (Except for the dodge ball match which was stupid)

So where did the crystals went to? In the next episode, the girls arrived in snowy mountains and in the midst, Mana and Regina discovered that Ange is still alive in a block of ice! Can't wait for next week! See you then!


  1. regina is like a spoiled brat she not like to lose in games and that why she dont want give them the crystals

  2. I'm starting to think Regina has a split personality with her eyes turning from blue to red.