Sunday, June 16, 2013

Doki Doki Precure Ep 20: Who is Cure Ace? Part 1

The Royal Crystals flew away and the Jikochu generals tried to follow it. Sebastian arrived and used the Yotsuba satellite to track the crystals.

The girls found out it has landed in the snowy mountains and they headed there by helicopter. Along the way, Mana was conflicted that Regina broke her promise and the others believed that Regina could not be trusted.

When they arrived, the innkeeper explained that the mountains is dangerous as it is not stable. But the girls insisted of going as such the innkeeper told them a legend-If you see a ray of light in your time of needs, a miracle will happen.

The girls transformed and together with Joe, scaled the top of the mountain. They saw Regina and the Jikochu generals who have been trailing them. They started to battle and in the midst, Cure Sword accidentally fired at where Regina is standing and she fell off. Cure Heart tried to save her but fell in too.

The others called for a truce with the Jikochu generals and they agreed. Regina woke up and Mana was still unconscious. Regina found the crystals and it revealed a woman trapped in a block of ice. Mana too woke up and believed she could be Queen Ange. Regina's eyes went back to normal and she apologize for what she has done. Mana forgave her however Regina is worried her father will destroy the Trump Kingdom if Ange returned.

Mana claimed that they will try to convince Ange and King Jikochu to get along somehow. The others found Sharuru and after Cure Diamond used Diamond Shower to create a silde, they finally found Mana and Regina. (Regina also realised she can't use her powers for reasons unknown)

A Snowman for a Snowy Mountain episode-Typical!

Cure Sword and Joe were happy to find Ange however a Jikochu appeared created from a mountain climber earlier. Mana transformed and together finished off the Jikochu with Royal Force Arrow.

The Jikochu generals took Ange and Regina away and headed back to Trump Kingdom...

So the beginning of the Cure Ace arc as Ange is captured by the Jikochu. This episode was just a warm up for the next few episodes as the girls returned to the Trump Kingdom where King Jikochu resided.

Now Regina is conflicted between her friendship with Mana and her family ties. I find it weird that she lost her powers all of a sudden which I hope the writers are not saying she is turning good and that's why she can't use her evil magic. That legend about the light is when Mana saw Diamond Shower sparkling in the darkness. (Symbolism!)

Place your bets on who is Cure Ace!

So who is Cure Ace? I have seen how she looked like and I also hope that it isn't Regina but Ange or Ai. If not, it could be a hybrid of both characters which will sound ridiculous but it might work. So the girls and Joe returned to the Trump Kingdom, can they save Ange and perhaps saviour Regina's heart? Find out next week for the second chapter of this arc!


  1. @kragito there was a reason why regina lost her powers it becouse the red crystal took away from her look when mana was take it she back to normal and after that she cant use her powers

    1. Regina has her power before and after getting the red crystal. The crystal flew off by itself last episode and Regina still is able to hover and teleport. So it doesn't make sense. Furthermore, the crystal only change her character from naughty to selfish and it has little influence to her power.

  2. I wonder, is Regina and Cure Heart in King Jikochu?

  3. why do so many people think cure ace is ange? that is SO unlikely and also a dumb idea. for a character to become a cure, they slowly have to warm up to the cures and have a lot of screen time, like passion, beat, and muse (and moonlight and sunshine?). Ange has had little screen time and has been trapped in ice this whole time. No doubt her role will be important, but she is obviously an Aphrodite-type of character.

    1. It's TOEI, the troll master -_- It was also dumb idea to think that Seika is Cure Symphony while scan CLEARLY said it was Todou Koto. Also, here's the reason why people think that Ace is Ange: THEY LOOK ALIKE! THEY LOOK ALIKE MORE THAN REGINA!

  4. Not entirely, its mostly the lipstick and curls in the hair BUT, anyone can put on lipstick and hair has always subject to change in Precure thanks to transformation equences. Looking closer at the outfit, Ace's collar resembles Regina's, while the hair does show the same curliness as Ange's. Also both Regina and Marie Ange have blue eyes while Ace has red. Eye color has been one of the only things that doesn't change when a cure transforms. If anything Ace is a marriage of these two visual elements. It is true Toei has been known to troll its fans but never without leaving behind key clues. Although inaccurate posters of Cure Beat and Cure Symphony for Suite by Toei were leaked, the designs were never seen in show so it is safe to assume that the story and plot threads in the show can be trusted more than promotional material or leaks. In Fresh the characters believe Miyuki to be the fourth, but signs of Setsuna's betrayal were there. Love's persistant attempts at befreinding her softened up her until the breaking poit. Upon death and rebirth Setsuna realizes her own feeling of friendship toward Love. Suite had a similar situation. They believed Muse to be Seika or Waon, but the underplayed Ellen/ Seiren thread was present. Seiren's characterization episode expands upon her and Hummy's past as being childhood friends and easily sets the stage for her eventual fall into jealousy. In Doki Doki Regina's key role in the story appears to be a foil to Mana. Her unbridled selfishness allows Mana to show her and the audeince the virtues of sharing. How I see it is that Regina's 'heel face turn' we occur when she learns the values of frienship which could allow her to channel the power of Precure. Interestingly is that Jonathon Klondike has blonde hair like Regina and Marie Ange shares Regina's shade of blue in the eyes. Possibly a child? From the future? Secret child? Possibly stolen by Lord Selfish and raised as his own?

    1. Doki Doki! episode 22-26

      22: Appeared in pinch! A new warrior - Cure Ace!
      Regina feels in her heart warm from not only Mana, Rikka, Alice and Makoto too was kind to her.

      23: Take Back Love! The Oath of 5 PreCures!
      Cure Ace appears suddenly and Jikochu Trio flee with Regina.

      Cure Ace give a test to Mana

      24: Oh my gosh! Makopi’s idol retired declaration!
      Makoto lost the meaning to sing, because Princess was found. Ace scold her. She said “I don’t feel no love in your songs” (in original “I don’t feel parts of love”)

      25: Brilliant transformation! New heroine appeared?!
      Rosetta was in a pinch and Ace helps her, but Rosetta suffered…

      26: My true feelings? Rikka is again in sorrow!

      Rikka doubt about her dream to become doctor, then she meets Iira…

      PAY attention at 23rd episode, Regina IS NOT Cure Ace!

  5. cure ace is ange well i am pretty sure because in episode 45 it said that ange was cure ace a long time ago in the trumf kingdom with ai(i have not seen this episode yet i found it online)with ange cure ace is her light when she split her heartand regina as her darkness apparently she was reborn on earth as a baby and she has wisdom beyond her age.on earth regina is technicly her sister and her father is king selfishness but he was once good before he took in selfishness and evil energy then he became king selfishness.she uses ai to transform as well as the royal that enough info for you because i cant get any more