Sunday, June 23, 2013

Doki Doki Precure Ep 21: Who is Cure Ace? Part 2

The Jikochu generals celebrated for capturing Ange. But they tried all ways to break the crystal but to no avail. Regina has doubts of what has happened so far and Bel announced they are bringing Ange to King Jikochu in the Trump Kingdom.

The girls and Joe were pounding on what to do next when the Royal Crystals created a portal to the Trump Kingdom. They went into the portal, leaving Ai-Chan with Sebastian.

Regina and the generals appeared in front of King Jikochu and he too was unable to break the crystal that was holding Ange. King Jikochu's next plan was to take over not just the human world but the entire universe. Regina tried to persuade her father not to attack the human world however it fell to deaf ears and instead he sealed off Regina's powers.

The girls (in their Precure form) and Joe finally arrived at the Trump Kingdom but was confronted by Ira, Mammo and a large group of Jikochu. Everyone told Cure Heart to find Ange while the others hold off the Jikochu army.

Cure Heart found Regina but it was a trap by Bel who used a Spider Jikochu to break the ground and the two girls fell in. Cure Heart held onto a spider thread while carrying Regina. As the thread is giving way, she asked Cure Heart what is this throbbing feeling she has in her heart whenever Cure Heart is hurt. She replied it is Love.

Regina want to sacrifice herself to save Cure Heart but instead Cure Heart grabbed her by using her legs. Cure Heart replied she is the student head president and it is her job to make everyone happy. Regina felt a new resolve and regained her powers.

They then escaped the hole by Regina's levitation and even flung the Spider Jikochu to the air. The others arrived and they used Lovely Force Arrow to defeat the remaining Jikochu. Joe snatched back Ange and they quickly ran back to the portal. Regina also followed them and heard her father raging in anger as they returned back to the human world...

This episode is about Regina's conflicts of who should she listen to. Her father, King Jikochu does not listen to her persuasion and claimed her words as an act of betrayal. Worse is Regina rebelled him by following Mana back to the human world. After the last few weeks of Regina learning from Mana, she experienced the one thing that a Jikochu do not have-Love.

I agreed with Kokoda Koji that if Regina is not Cure Ace, she might be the bridge for the Jikochu and the Trump Kingdom/Human world in future episodes or even the finale as it is a cliche that the heel turn head character might take over the kingdom and change the status quo.

The last thing I want to mention is that Bel could be the most dangerous person as he seem to have his own ulterior motives. He want to be the No.2 man after King Jikochu which could be similar to Joker from Smile Precure or Northa from Fresh Precure who are very scheming villains.

What? No Swimsuits?

Ace has arrived!

For the last one week, everybody has been speculating who is Cure Ace and came up with all sorts of theories. I have my own thoughts of who Cure Ace is but I am keeping to myself until the next episode which Regina stayed at Mana's home and the girls went to play at the beach. Of course, we finally have Cure Ace's first appearance and she seems to be not in a good mood.

I can't wait for next week and in the meantime, I placed a poll for who do you think Cure Ace is on my blog. Feel free to vote and see you next week for the third chapter of the Cure Ace Arc!


  1. I feel DokiDoki Precure is the only season to show signs of yuri because there is a lot of interaction between Mana and Regina.

    1. .... this is a child's serie!! Be realist! even if Regina said to Mana "I love you" this is just friendship and no yuri!! Many bestfriends said each other "i love you" but this is just friendship and a no real love!!!

    2. I agree with 2nd anon that it's not yuri. but it was VERY sweet! :)

  2. Why is there magma underneath the Trump Kingdom?

  3. I think that Regina will be Cure Ace. If anyone has seen the pages scanned from a recent Precure magazine (or manga, i'm not quite sure) then we see a different, "Bluer" Regina. Maybe when they took her back to the human world, Regina decided to give up her Selfish powers to live at an equal place as her friends? Then King Jikochu made a second Regina (kind of like Moonlight and Dark from Heartcatch!) as a conterpart and powerful weapon against the REAL Regina. When Regina V2 comes to attack the girls, they are struggling and Regina transforms into Ace with her will to protect her friends? This is my second theory I've made on Cure Ace, but I doubt that she will be Marie Ange. (Even though they look a lot alike.)
    I wonder if the staff of Precure are reading these theories and thinking "how cute the fans are", making wrong predictions, but then they feel shocked because somebody figured it out. I still have no big idea about Ai...