Saturday, June 8, 2013

Quick Picks: Majestic Prince Ep 10, Valvrave the Liberator Ep 9

Majestic Prince Ep 10: Teoria and her follower, Daneel explained the Wulgura are in a state of genetic decline as such they went over the galaxy to spread the genes hoping they could find the perfect match.

However their ideals was twisted and now treated humans as prey for them to hunt. Teoria's mother was against the idea and Teoria came to warn Earth to give them a fighting chance. Izuru is now targeted by Jiato. Izuru then tried to ask her did they met before but Daneel interview.

The team know the truth but Izuru, Ataru and Tamaki remained positive. Only Kei and Asagi still has doubts over the matter. Meanwhile, Jiato arrived and declared Izuru as a worthy prey. The team received news from Simon that a Wulgura ship has crash landed on Mars and was ordered to sortie...

In a nutshell, the Wulgura has superiority complex and Izuru is targeted by Jiato. I am guessing we have to wait for a few more episodes before Teoria revealed her past with Izuru. But Kei seems to be unhappy about it. So the team is going to Mars as it is the location where humans know the existence of Wulgura and Teoria's first contact...

Valvrave the Liberator Ep 9: As condolences were send for Aina's passing, Kyuma and Raizo still remain upset over the loss of their friends. L-elf and Haruto became room mates and L-elf begin training the students in defending themselves.

Raizo tried to pilot the yellow Valvrave but was caught by the security measures. He was sent to a holding cell as punishment. The Dorassia appeared again and Haruto and Saki sortie out. However it was a decoy to lead them away while a secondary fleet ambush the colony from behind.

The power suddenly went out and Kyuma and Raizo find themselves at the hanger again. They decided to take a gamble and piloted the blue and yellow Valvrave. With their new mechs, they managed to defeat the secondary fleet.

Haruto was angry with L-elf for causing the power outrage and turning Kyuma and Raizo into Valvrave pilots. However they didn't mind and furthermore, Kyuma finally "got an answer" from Aina during the battle eariler.

Later, L-elf caught Takumi sneaking around and demanded to know who he really is. Takumi revealed that other than Nanami, all the teaching staffs are military personal and they used the school to find test subjects to pilot the Valvrave...

Kyuma and Raizo become the new pilots which both of them are driven by revenge. At least it is better than Saki who just want to prove she is better than everyone. Although L-elf know about this along and decided to be the catalyst to make it happen. So the students are test subjects as to find the suitable pilot for Valvrave and furthermore, it was supported by the Jior military. This is going to get interesting... 

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