Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Quick Picks: Majestic Prince Ep 9, Valvrave the Liberator Ep 8, Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S2 Ep 8, Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Bride Ep 9, Date A Live Ep 9

Sorry for the wait! I have quite a number of things to do so this week so Quick Pick will be brief and just the main points.

Majestic Prince Ep 9: Izuru is still unable to explain when he saw Jiato in the Wulgura mech. Later Rin forbid him in telling anyone about what he saw. Kei was worried about him and found him at the park.

I forgot to mention but Teoria has big boobs!

He saw Teoria again and tried to chase after her but was thrown off by her bodyguard. The team later meet Simon and he told them the truth of their mechs. Their mechs are reversed engineered using Wulgura technology based on a defector from their planet. The team were then introduced to Teoria which got everyone surprised...

Now we know why Team Rabbits mechs are so strong against the Wulgura as Teoria came to Earth with the technology. But why she is helping them and I could sense that Kei and Teoria are not going to get along as they both have feelings for Izuru...

Valvrave the Liberator Ep 8: Years ago, L-elf tried to run away from Dorassia soldiers and met Princess Liselotte. He held her hostage after being confronted by soldiers. In the present, L-elf was tied up and told Haruto that Dorassia forces will attack them again in six hours.

Everyone was upset by Aina's death especially Kyuma. The Dorassia forces attacked them again and a small group led by A-Drei sneaked into the colony. They used the abandoned naval ships and fired at the school.

Meanwhile, Haruto and Saki have their hands full by Q-vier until Haruto begged L-elf to help. He agreed and ordered him to fire at the water container which destroyed the magnetic strips and caused the naval ships to stir out of control. L-elf arrived in a small craft and distracted Q-vier enough for Haruto to use Hara-Kiri and drove the enemies away.

L-elf then recalled Liselotte cutting off her hair and claim she is willing to give "half of her life" to him. Haruto then rescued him. Meanwhile, Cain looked at the pictures of Valvrave and smirk to himself...

A look at why L-elf doesn't like "Half" of everything as it was due to Liselotte risking her life for him. But with Haruto and L-elf working together, can they actually make it through and Cain seemed to know more of the Valvrave claiming to be his "bride."

Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S2 Ep 8: A mercenary group called ITEM was hired to defeat Mikoto as she went to the last two medical centres. She was attacked by Frenda who used chalk and explosives.

Meanwhile, Shinbou infiltrated the last medical centre hoping she can destroy their research. After much effort, Mikoto took down Frenda and demanded to know who send them to kill her. Suddenly their leader, Shizuri arrived...

A non stop action episode as Mikoto battled other Espers and prove why her power is one of the strongest in the city. But now Shizuri has arrived who seem to use laser as her power could prove tricky...

Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Bride Ep 9: Yoshihiko ordered his followers to enhance the seal of the Guardian stone as Nia reported that Sen is asking about the stone. However he ignored her request about it.

Meanwhile, Jubei refused to believe that Inshun is the slasher and ran off. Hanzo and Matabei tried to get some love advices from Naoe but failed. Jubei met Mushashi and she agreed to find Inshun on her behalf not knowing that Matemon was being possessed by the same enity.

Sen has been the victim of tentacles for the last three episodes...

The girls went to search for the slasher when it approached their home. Sen was caught by it and extracted her memories about the Guardian stone. Matebei asked Yumeakira to turn her into a Master Samurai and he agreed to it. Hanzo also asked the same request and both of them saved Sen. Kojiro took Matemon away as Inshu escaped from Mushashi.

The next day, the group discussed about the Guardian stone and Ginsen suggested that it could be the seal that protect their country...

In a nutshell, Matemon is being controlled by some evil spirit and the Guardian Stone is with Yoshiko. But can the group stop this evil plot before all hell break loose?

Date A Live Ep 9: Mana killed off Kurumi and Shindo demanded to know the reason. However she claimed Kurumi can revive herself and she will continue to kill her again. He was upset about it but Touka cheered him up.

She told him that Kurumi is like her and Yoshino and needed a hand to guide her. The next day, Kurumi appeared again and Shindo told her he will save her. She create a magic barrier that caused everyone to lose unconscious, leaving Shindo, Touka and Origami. Meanwhile, Kotori met Mana and told her that Mana's sponsors are using her and according to their analysis, Mana has less than ten years to live due to excessive magic in her body.

There's a hand coming out of your stomach!!!

Kotori-God of Fiery Axe!

Shindo went to the roof to confront Kurumi while Touka and Origami battled other versions of her. Shindo nearly win her but was killed by a future version of her. Mana tried to stop her but couldn't and Kurumi summoned a space quake to destroy the city. Suddenly Kotori appeared in battle gear to battle her...

So Kotori is also a spirit!? This could explain why she understand Touka and Yoshino well. But can her strength be able to defeat Kurumi who has the power of time?

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