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Quick Picks: Majestic Prince Ep 11, Valvrave the Liberator Ep 10, Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S2 Ep 10, Date A Live Ep 11, Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Bride Ep 11

Majestic Prince Ep 11: Rin briefed the team their new mission-To retrevie data from a Wulgaru warship that crashed landed on Mars. Daneel volunteered to join them which got Tamaki all pumped out.

When the team landed on the site, they cleared some surviving Wulgaru forces and realised they are weaker than usual. Izuru, Sugaru and Daneel entered the ship and discovered that the crew are all dead. Daneel explained the soldiers are clones of elite warriors and they cannot survive without a power cartiage that prolong their life.

After getting the data, the ship started to sink into the ground and they are blocked. Tamaki created a vacumn and Ataru fired a hole in the ship. Tamaki caught hold of everyone and retreated to the ship.

However, Tamaki's mech is overheating after overexerting in the battle. She is unable to realise the cockpit hatch and her support team tried hard to get her out. After a close shave, Tamaki was rescued by her support team (which are over sized men) and was disappointed...

A close call for Tamaki as Daneel's appearance and the two male operators in the ship got her all pumped up. Unfortunately she nearly died as a result of overheating the mech. The Wulgaru are clones which got Sugaru thinking their lives are similar to them-nothing more than test subjects. No much action but next episode, Kei and Tamaki goes undercover as nurses!?

Valvrave the Liberator Ep 10: L-elf learned more from Takumi about the military involvement in the school and found out that Haruto's mech is the only one with a Virtual AI and able to use Harakiri.

Raizo learned they are unable to die but Haruto was worried they might turn into monsters like him. He nearly attacked Ninomiya but Saki came to kick him to his senses. Meanwhile Nanami announced they need a figure head to represent them at the neutral zone of the Moon and declared an election.


Shouko didn't want to enter as she was worried about her father who is believed to be dead during the initial attack. Haruto encouraged her and she decided to enter the election. Suddenly Haruto went berserk and rape Saki. When he woke up, Saki told him that Shouko won the election...

Haruto's mech also known as Mark I is an unique machine with the Virtual AI. The mechs contained Runes-the source of their power. Although we do find out what happened when Haruto lose control-He become a sex crazed animal! (I wish he did it on Ninomiya but Saki is fine too!) With Shouko representing the school, what will happen next as the Dorassia are ploting to attack them before they reach the Moon. It will be one hell of a cliffhanger when it does!

Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S2 Ep 10: Mikoto found many of Frenda's bombs laying around and decided use it against Mugino. After several attempts, a stray bomb that contain metals knock out Mugino.

Mikoto then destroyed the lab and was about to leave when Mugino ambushed her. She decided to lure her to a suspending bridge and blow out it out. Mikoto tried to save Mugino but she refused but instead survive and started fired at Mikoto.

Mikoto escaped which later Mugino discovered why she was bent on destroying the labs. The next day, Mikoto went to the last lab but it was clear out with all the data erased. She wondered if she did save her clones and spotted Touma at a vending machine...

What an intense episode with Mikoto trying to survive Mugino's attacks. Although laser are quicker and deadly however Mikoto used her brains and managed to escape. Although Mugino know her reasons and Shinbou is captured by the organisation, what will happen next but now Touma is back!

Date A Live Ep 11: Renia ordered Shindo to go shop for swimsuits with Touka and Yoshino. They met Origami and they tried their best to win Shindo's affection.

Later, Kyohei showed Shindo footage of the fire disaster five years ago. He spotted something beside Kotori but suffered headaches after seeing it. The next day, Shindo, Kotori, Touka and Yoshino went to the pool theme park and were enjoying themselves.

Kotori excused herself and Shindo discovered she is administered suppressors by Reine to control her power which he decided to take her somewhere instead. Meanwhile, Kotori found out that the Fire spirit is Kotori and swore revenge...

A swimsuit episode with the girls showing off their swimsuits. (I was attracted by Origami's swimsuit than Touka!) Although I am suspecting that the strange figure beside Kotori could be responsible for the disaster and not her. Hopefully I am right as Origami is about to go all Rambo on Kotori in the final episode next week!

Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Bride Ep 11: Mumeakira's Master Samurais tried to perform the Samurai Bride ritual but instead Mumeakira's curse got worse.

Meanwhile, Inshun gave a talisman that will lift Mumeakira's curse to Mushashi and left. Kojiro and Matemon arrived at the Guardian Stone's entrance and started fighting their way to the centre. Nia and Inshun tried to hold them off but Matemon damaged the seal which caused the sky to go dark.

Mushashi realised what is going on however Jubei (in Master Samurai form) demanded a fight and they started dueling. The others went to the Guardian Stone and discovered Matemon, Kojiro and Inshun has retreated.

Suddenly the evil forces from the graveyard formed a Giant Samurai and control Mushashi in destroying the talisman. Madea arrived and told Mumeakira to remember his qi training. He concentrated and broke the curse and dispel the evil forces from Mushashi.

The Giant Samurai started attacking the others and sucked the Dark Samurai into it's body. Everyone could do nothing but watched it approaching them...

An exciting episode with battles fought everywhere but now it is the climax as the girls and Mumeakira faced the final battle. Can they overcome it and will they risk their lives to use the Samurai Bride? Find out in in next week's finale!

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