Monday, May 20, 2013

Quick Picks: Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S2 Ep 6, Date A Live Ep 7, Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Bride Ep 7

Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S2 Ep 6: Mikoto throw everything at Accelerator but not even a scratch got him. She was in disbelief when a large of MISAKA clones appeared. Accelerator couldn't bother with them and left while Mikoto could do not nothing but watch the clones cleaning up the scene.

She later met Shinobu who admitted that she is part of the cloning project however after interacting with one of the clones and realise they are more human, she left the project unaware that it is still in active.

Mikoto swore to destroy their operations however Shinobu told her it is highly impossible as there are too many labs in the city. After meeting her friends and ensuring that nothing happened the previous night, Mikoto grew a hatred for the cloning project...

If you watch Magical Index, you know that Mikoto is no match against Accelerator but ignoring him a side, she decide to focus on taking down the organisation who create her clones however she decided to do it alone and not relying on her friends. You know it is going to get awkward when Kuroko and the others find out what Mikoto has been doing...

Date A Live Ep 7: The AST team have a mock training with their newest member, Takamiya Mana from England and the only person who have killed a spirit. Mana wiped the floor against her opponents, including Origami.

Mana later watched a footage of a battle of Yoshino and spotted Shindo which she claimed he is her brother. A new transfer student arrived at Shindo's class named Tokisaki Kurumi. She introduced as a Spirit and want Shindo to show her around the school.

Shindo tried to win Kurumi's heart with the aid of Kotori but with hilarious results. Furthermore, Kurumi was more forward and was interested in him. Touka and Origami refused to accept her but Kurumi didn't mind.

Later Kurumi murdered three men who tried to take advantage of her and was confronted by Mana and Origami. Mana later appeared in front of Shindo and called him Big Brother. Kotori and Mana couldn't get along claiming who is the better sister.

Watch those hands grabbing Origami's breast!

The next day, Kurumi arrived in class which got Origami shocked. Shindo later find out that Mana killed Kurumi but somehow she is still alive. Origami confronted Kurumi but caught in a trap. She revealed to Origami that her next target is Shindo...

After two sweet spirits, we have a totally deranged Kurumi codenamed-Nightmare who is out to get Shindo and literally eat him alive like how she did with those men. Also, the introduction of Mana who claimed to be Shindo's biological sister is getting rages from Kotori who is technically an outsider to Shindo. The sparks between was hilarious! So Origami now know Kurumi's motives but is caught by her, how can she get out of this!?

Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Bride Ep 7: Madea held a party in the dojo hoping it will relax Jubei and revert to her normal form. However it didn't work and she explained to Mumeakira, Sen and Yukimura that if Jubei can't revert back soon, she might have a breakdown.

Madea suggested some training hoping Jubei can use it which Sen and Yukimura volunteered to join in. Of course, the two of them are not focused and Naoe tried to distrupt the training with little success.


Mumeakira tried to do the same training but was interrupted by Ginsen. He asked her to join them in the training hoping she can regain her powers but declined. The next day, Jubei tried to revert back but backfired and caused her to be in pain.

Madea have an idea which is for Mumeakira to transfer his energy to her but he might not be able to take it. He decided to risk it and Madea aid him by transferring her energy to him also. After doing so, Mushashi and her group has arrived and Madea went to buy some time.

However she was no match in her weakened state. Yukimura told Mumeakira to kiss Jubei instead which worked and she revert to her normal self. Mushashi was furious and demanded a fight with Jubei.

But Jubei is in no condition to fight and it angered Mushashi to retreat. Later, they want to have a celebration for Madea but she left the dojo. She told Ginsen to believe in Mumeakira before she went off in her bike...

Jubei reverted back to normal by a kiss? Why didn't anyone think of that earlier? Instead we have an excuse to see Sen and Yukimura wearing only an apron and Mumeakira accidentally fondling Ginsen's breasts (Oh Yeah!) Although Madea left but I am sure we will see her again because she is awesome! So what now since Mushashi is convinced that Jubei is the real Yagyu Jubei? See you next week to find out!

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