Friday, May 24, 2013

Quick Picks: Majestic Prince Ep 8, Valvrave the Liberator Ep 7

Majestic Prince Ep 8: The team were discussing what the Wulgura really are when they were ordered to sortie before the countdown. Komine ordered the plasma cannon to fire before it is fully charged and it does little damages to the Wulgura.

Randy and his team arrived to aid the fleet as Izuru and the others began to hold the line for the plasma cannon to recharge. Jiato saw Izuru and sortie out. They began to battle each other as Izuru ordered Asagi to lead the rest.

Asagai was good to lead the others as Izuru has a hard time taking down Jiato. Finally both of them damaged each other and their cockpits is revealed. Jiato claimed he will finish Izuru next time as Izuru finally knew what the Wulgura looked like which he claimed Teoria looked like one of them...

It is an all out battle as everyone tried their best to hold the line. Izuru also gave Asagi command of the team and his orders were well received. Of course with Izuru finally seeing what the Wulgura look like, will he has second thoughts now as in the next episode preview, he meet Teoria a second time...

Valvrave the Liberator Ep 7: In the Space year 214, Saki now piloting a more brutal version of Carmilla and took down a Dorssia general. Back to the present day, Haruto refused to allow anyone else to pilot the remaining mechs and the others were in favor despite Satomi wanting to use them for battle.

Later, L-elf appeared in front of Shouko and proposed that the school to be turn into a military institution. She refused which L-elf lock down the whole school. Saki and Raizo tried to stop him but he took them down easily and tied everyone up.

Haruto confronted L-elf in the hanger but A-drei shot Haruto. However he was shocked to see Haruto still alive and in a stalemate with L-elf. Suddenly Q-vier appeared in a mech and started firing randomly and killing Aina.

A-drei escaped with Q-vier and Saki sortie out (after being untied by Kibukawa) H-neun fired magnetic boomerangs that stunned Carmilla in her path. Haruto was pinned down and L-elf offered to switch bodies with him.

Haruto (now in L-elf's body) sortie out and after learning from L-elf about H-neun's weak spot, easily defeated him and the Dorssia fleet retreated. Kyuma arrived to help Haruto and saw Aina's dead corpse floating in the hanger. Haruto found a photo of a girl named Licht in L-elf's pocket and unknowingly started to cry...

First thing, it seems that the battle against the Dorssia ravaged till the year 214 which means a possibility that the Dorssia could have taken over and Saki (who looked like she is still in her teens) is battling them with a more bad ass version of Carmilla. Not a good sight for things to come in the future.

Now with our first casualty of Aina now dead, the school might have to rethink of what they should do now. It seems L-elf has his own agenda proposing the school to be a military country. Ten bucks will tell you that he is doing for Licht who is the girl in the photo. Maybe he and Licht have some kind of relationship and L-elf's tears could confirm it...

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