Sunday, May 19, 2013

Doki Doki Precure Ep 16: A Test of Friendship

Regina was intrigued by Cure Heart and went to the human world and immediately asked Mana to be her friend.

Makoto was furious by it and transformed. She claimed the Jikochu destroyed the Trump Kingdom but Regina told her it was her father who did it. However Makoto refused to accept. Mana calmed everyone and told Regina that she is willing to accept her as a friend.

Makoto hate me....sobs..

I am a Bad girl!
Makoto was shocked by Mana's reply and left in a hurry. Before class started, Mana was sad that Makoto ignored her when Regina appeared in class and want Mana to play with her. She tried to explain that class is in session and Regina magically locked the door which their teacher is unable to come in.

Mana reprimanded her not to do that and promise she will play with her after school. After classes ended, Regina appeared again. Rika told Regina they need to go to do some paper work which make Regina seal her mouth and took Mana away.

Mana took Regina around the town but Regina has a twisted mind on things like making more rubbish on the street and causing a mess. The two of them went to visit Ai-Chan and she was fascinated by her. Rika demanded to know what is her motive in befriending Mana.

Regina just want her to be her only friend which they started arguing. However Regina refused to listen to reason and took Mana away again. The next day, Mana is in a dilemma of patching up with Makoto and befriending Regina. They want to visit her in the studio when Regina took Mana away to play. Before Mana left, she asked Rika and Alice to pass some Omelet rice to Makoto.

Mana and Regina ate some ice cream and Mana started talking about the others. Regina got jealous and decided to make Rika and the others disappeared. She went to the studio where the other three were there and corrupted a man into a Soda Can Jikochu.

Rika and the other two transformed to confront the Jikochu. Cure Rosetta used Rosetta Reflection but it was too strong and they got knocked out. Mana arrived and told Regina that she won't forsake her friends.

Mana transformed and together with the others, overcome the Jikochu and defeated it. (The power of friendship and that all stuff) Cure Heart told Regina she has to understand what friendship really is. She refused to listen and retreated.

Makoto could not forgive Regina and the Jikochu for what they did to the Trump Kingdom but she was grateful that Mana shielded her in the battle and the Omelet rice gift. Mana was touched and both of them make up.

Meanwhile, Regina was pounding what Mana said about friendship...

I did said before that Mana is kind hearted and a bit naive. I am guessing she felt that Regina is not totally evil but misguided. Of course, it will come into conflict with Makoto as the Jikochu did destroyed her world. Furthermore, Regina came from a world where everything is served to her like a whim and has twisted thoughts of the world.

It reminds me of those psychology thriller where a particular deranged person is obsessed with someone and will destroyed anyone who get in the way. (A particular clique movie line came to my mind-"We will be together, forever and ever!) That's what Regina is thinking in her head now.

Of course, the power of friendship (No My Little Pony references!) overcome this. Rika and Alice has been friends with Mana since young and their friendship between Makoto started five months ago. What make Regina think she can be Mana's only friend in a time period of two days?

No more Miss Nice Princess!

Next week, we are back to the Royal Crystals hunt and it seems the red crystal is located. However Regina took the crystal first and has red crimson eyes and worse, she turned Cure Diamond, Rosetta and Sword into stones! What is going on!? Find out next week!

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