Sunday, May 26, 2013

Doki Doki Precure Ep 17: The Prince of Trump Kingdom

The girls arrived at the Arts park museum where Regina appeared in front of them. She claimed she want to make friends with Mana and the others however she has no resolve of what is right or wrong either.

They entered the park where Makoto spotted a familiar statue that look like Ange and a red stone is  in the centre of it. She then recalled a similar statue in the Trump Kingdom and there was a statue of a man beside Ange who looked similarly like Joe.

Counting Sheeps again?

Joe appeared out of nowhere and introduced himself to Regina. Before Makoto could asked further, Joe excuse himself and left Ai-Chan in the girls' hands. Ai-Chan cried in Regina's arms and the girls used a sheep Lovies to make her go to sleep.

Regina spotted the red stone in the stone and the fairies accidentally mentioned about the Royal Crystals. Thinking she can make a gift for Mana, Regina destroyed the statue and got the stone. The girls had no choice but to apologise to the curator. The sculptor who make the statue didn't mind but the girls help out to clean the mess.

Regina couldn't understand why the girls are helping out and they explained to her that friends share the good and bad times together. Regina started to understand a bit when the stone react to her and it changed into a Royal Crystal.

However it changed Regina's personality into a selfish person and demanded the rest of the crystals. Makoto refused and Regina corrupted the sculptor's heart to become a Jikochu. The girls transformed and Cure Sword tried to knock it with Sparkle Sword however it didn't work and it fired back a petrify beam at Cure Sword.

Cure Sword passed the crystals to Cure Heart before being petrified. Cure Diamond and Cure Rosetta also got petrified leaving Cure Heart alone. She tried to reason with Regina but she is obsessed with getting the crystals.

Suddenly a man in armor appeared to aid Cure Heart. She recognize him to be Joe. He told her to fire  Heart Shoot at the petrified statues in order to free them. Cure Heart complied and free the others. Together they then used Lovely Force Arrow to defeat the Jikochu.

From being Cool...

After a few rounds, Regina retreated with the red Royal crystal but swore to return. The girls then asked Joe who he really is and re-introduced as Jonathan Klondike and he is Ange's fiance...

I did mentioned before in the first episode that Joe is somehow related to the Trump Kingdom and I was right. He is Ange's fiance and has a complete different appearance from his civilian form. However the bigger problem is Regina has one of the Royal Crystals and is probably will stop at nothing to get the rest.

To be honest, Regina was trying to learn how to make friends however coming from a world where being bad is good, she is conflicted and somehow the red crystal affected her mind, turning her into a ruthless person.

I don't know if anyone notice the scene where Regina spotted the crystal in the statue, why do the girls have to shout out loud that it could be the Royal Crystal and the fairies have to open their big mouth and told Regina about it? (I got a face palm where I saw that scene) It's like you just told your enemy your biggest secret and you still talk about it without thinking that the enemy could have just steal it. I know they want to trust Regina but honestly, this is not the way to go...

...To being a Noob...Make up your mind, Joe!

Anyway, next week, we are going to find out more about Joe's past and the location of the last crystal! Can the girls get it before Regina does!? Find out next week!


  1. O.o So Joe is Regina's fiancé. I thouth they were brothers, cousins or something like that.

  2. I agree it is rather odd of them to blurt out about the royal crystal even though Makoto told Mana not to tell Regina about it.