Friday, May 17, 2013

Quick Picks: Majestic Prince Ep 7, Valvrave the Liberator Ep 6

Majestic Prince Ep 7: On the Wulgaru home planet, the emperor of Wulgura, Garukie ordered his generals to prepare to attack the GDF defense line. His younger brother, Jiato approved his idea but has ulterior motives for himself.

Meanwhile, Izuru and his team watched Komine briefed the media on their latest operations against Wulgaru. Rin introduced the team to Peko Yamada who will assist in their daily operations. After getting the rooms, the team went to the cafeteria where Izuru had a chat with his mechanical team.

As the Wulgaru began advancing the defense lines, the team get ready to sortie and Izuru gave a pep talk to everyone which lighten the mood. The Wulgaru ambushed them and everyone is forced to take evasive actions...

We finally get to see the Wulgaru and Jiato has the making of Char Azanable from Gundam. He has strong desires which one of the generals, Lutier (voiced by Yukana) commented he is like a beast. Even Jiato mentioned he has no interests in his brother's conquest but rather finding Teoria which I am suspecting Izuru will cross paths with him soon and Teoria will be caught in between them.

Who want to say that Amane despite Komine after he tried to be a Smart Alec and issuing terrible orders? I am guessing next week, Komine will order something stupid which Amane might end up rebelling against him. Other than introducing Izuru and Ataru's mechanical teams and Peko, we have to wait for another week to see how the battles fare. Can't wait for that!

Valvrave the Liberator Ep 6: Saki boarded the green Valvrave and is injected with the same formula as Haruto. She took it for a spin and later switch bodies with Haruto.

If they kiss, it make one hell of a scene!

She went to filrt with Ninomiya and later post online that she "slept" together with Haruto. He later confronted her with Shouko demanding an explanation from him.

Suddenly the Dorassia armies attacked them and killed Senator Figaro in the process. Saki piloted her Valvrave which she named it Carmilla and taking down squadrons. X-Ein deduced that both Valvrave are melee types and started firing missiles to weaken them.

Those legs can jump!!

Saki started suffering post trauma symptoms, leaving Haruto to battle the Dorssia. Shouko started to give encouragement to her and soon everyone on the Web gave her moral support. Saki straighten up and finally dealt a fatal blow to X-Ein's mecha and he and the rest of the fleet retreated.

But no one realised that A-Drei has sneaked into the school and swore to kill L-elf...

We get to know more of Saki's past as she came from an abusive family and many people have tried to ruin her idol career which caused her to hate everyone. But having the same abilities like Haruto, she want to prove to everyone that she is the best. However her first sortie nearly cost her as she has to overcome what most combat soldiers experience-post trauma. It will cause the whole body to go into shock and her body failed to move as a result.

Anyway, who want to bet who will be the next to pilot the remaining three Valvrave? Although Cain, the commander of the Dorssia also seem to know about the Valvrave and called them Entities. But now A-Drei is coming to kill L-elf, it is going to be one hell of a mess when they meet!

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