Thursday, May 9, 2013

DIGI NEWS: Super Robots Wars OG Saga: Masou Kishin 3, Super Robots Wars Operation Extend

It's been a while since we have Digi News and we have two Super Robots Wars related games coming out!

First off, it is the entirely new sequel of the Masou Kishin saga after the previous installment in the PSP. Masaki and his friends now travel around the land of La-Gias as they battle new enemies and meet new allies. With the new graphic they used for SRW OG2, the game will be released in PS3 and PS Vita. Coming out this August 22! The limited edition will include a HD version of the first Super Robot War OG anime and a free DLC of Valsione to be used in the game!

Next is the first DLC Super Robots War game and it will be spilt into 8 parts. The first chapter will be released this Summer and it will be one of the largest rosters yet. New entries like Patlabor, Keroro Gusou, Zoids Series and the only made for promo series-Daitenoh will team up with favourites like Gundam series, Macross, L-Gaim, Code Geass. However there will more entries for the next installments as it goes.

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