Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Quick Picks: Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Bride Ep 5, Date A Live Ep 5, Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S2 Ep 4

Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Bride Ep 5: The girls decided to enter a Maid competition to gain more customers however Mushashi and her group also join in for fun.

The two groups were the last two standing and they battle it in four different events. First, Ginsen and Inshun compete in getting the flag but Ginsen flirt with Mumeakira instead. Next was Sen and Kojiro in a blindfold match which Kojiro won easily.

Shake those boobs, Matemon!

Next was Matemon and Yukimura in a hula-hoop match and Matemon won easily with her strength. Finally it was Jubei and Mushashi in a sword duel. However Yukimura tried to trick Mushashi in various traps which pissed her off.

Mumeakira tried to stop the fight but was knocked out by her. Jubei got angry and fought Mushashi to a standstill. Mushashi gave up the fight after seeing what has happened to Jubei and the girls won the match...

For every fan service show, a swimsuit episode is mandatory and it is nice to ogle on the girls' hot swimsuits. Although we get some interesting details from Mushashi and her group as Matabei was ordered to record their movements and discovered a strange and invisible aura around them when they used their skills. Mushashi is kinda of admitting that Jubei could be the real one after seeing her in rage mode and is expecting to fight her again soon. Overall, nothing much to say until the next episode (I really like Sen, Ginsen, Matemon and Mushashi's swimsuits, yummy!)

Date A Live Ep 5: Touka refused to listen to Shindo's explanation about Yoshino. He later met Yoshino in the streets as she is trying to find her puppet. After taking her back home, he later to apologise to her about the kiss the day before.

Seduction Time!

Touka witnessed everything and ran to her room in a fit of anger. Kotori informed Shindo that she located the puppet at Origami's home. He went there and Origami tried to seduce him and even asked about his ability to heal himself.

Origami sortie out after Yoshino is spotted. She summoned her guardian and freeze everything in sight. Shindo was in the crossfire but Touka's giant sword protect him. Touka arrived and he explained everything to her.

She agreed to help and act as a decoy for Origami. Shindo entered the zone and returned the puppet to Yoshino. He also kissed her which sealed off her power and everything went back to normal. Later, Touka and Yoshino moved into the new house and Yoshino welcomed Shino and Kotori to their new home...

So another score for Shindo as he sealed Yoshino's power. I am wondering if he is able to call upon the spirits' powers since Touka's giant sword protect him without Touka's help. Furthermore, Touka appeared in a half worn armor which could mean the rest of the power is in Shindo. Anyway, that's it for now and the gang is going to a hot spring in the next episode. (Origami is really desperate to get laid by Shindo...)

Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S2 Ep 4: Three months ago, scientists have created Mikoto's clone-Misaki and implanted various data to make her the perfect soldier.

Now, Mikoto was feeling usually happy and everyone wondered what was the occasion. After shopping with her friends and eating a hearty breakfast, she was bored until she played with some children.

I got it!!!

She saw a frog badge on one of the children and went to try her luck at the capsule games machine. After many tries, she got the badge and send the children back home. While walking back, she spotted Misaki and both of them looked at each other for the first time...

The first half was completely padding although we get to see how Misaki was cloned in a lab and her education process. We have to wait until next episode to find out how Mikoto reacted to her "sister..."

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