Friday, April 26, 2013

Quick Picks: Majestic Prince Ep 4, Valvrave the Liberator Ep 3

Majestic Prince Ep 4: A few years ago, Rin was ordered by Simon to be an instructor for the MJP pilots. She met Izuru and his team who are unable to work as a team but have high survival instincts. Simon claimed they are the perfect candidates in piloting the Juris system.

SEED Mode?!

Now, Tamaki got shot down and everyone panicked. However Izuru took control and protect Tamaki together with Asagi. As the team began to retreat, Kei was almost hit by enemy fire when Izuru went to shield her and got damaged in the process.

But the arrival of Team Doberman sortie by Simon arrived to aid them and they all retreated. As the team recovered from the battle, Amane began to write a report of the mission and the reasons why the war between Earth and the Wulguru started.

Teoria was holding the book-Beauty and the Beast and claimed if communication was another way to avoid the war. Izuru and his team were to report back to MJP with Rin and along the way, they met the pilots of Team Doberman...

So a lack of communication caused the Earth forces to battle the Wulguru in the first place and from Teoria's speech, it seems she could be one of the Wulguru who is against the idea of violence. (Sound like Gundam Seed's plot and I already bet my bolts that Teoria will be like Lacus!) The team also learned they are actually expendables and it kinda of hit them that they are treated nothing more than weapons. But with Team Doberman's arrival and from next week's episode, they are going Izuru and his team some 101 on real combat and teamwork.

Valvrave the Liberator Ep 3: The Arus forces have arrived to aid Jior and began interrogating L-elf. He told Haruto of a mic, earthquake, panic and 3.14pm before he was take away.

It's always nice to see hot girls in the shower!

As the students received aid, Haruto and his friends tested Haruto's blood but there was no anonymity. Saki claimed not to trust the military when suddenly Haruto tried to bite Kyuma but was knocked out by Saki.

Haruto later met a representative of Arus, Senator Figaro who used him as a propaganda to unite the people and also to evacuate the students from the school. L-elf managed to escape and kill all the pursing soldiers. He even create a blockage to block the space port and it caused a panic by the students.

Haruto was confronted by a delinquent of the school, Raizo aka Thunder who demanded to pilot Valvrave. At the same time, Shouko found Akira who is the hacker and the one who uploaded Valvrave's footage to the Internet.

L-elf knocked out Raizo and want Haruto to make a "deal" with him...

So it is another two superpowers fighting against each other and the netural nation got the low blow. If you watched enough Real robots mecha shows, when someone nice in a suit offered someone help, there is always an agenda and Figaro used Haruto as a figure head to go against the Dorssia Empire. I got a feeling that Saki is probably the most sensible person who probably know more than everyone else and I won't be surprised if she turned out to be someone important in the future episodes.

L-elf is like the ultimate super soldier who can take down a squad of soldiers, block a vessel from entering the space port and remain cool about it. So what does he want with Haruto now they meet again? We have to wait next week to find out! (No mecha action this week but fanservice is fine with me!)

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