Sunday, April 28, 2013

Doki Doki Precure Ep 13: War of the Roses

Alice has just finished her company meeting and went to meet Mana and the others. She asked Makoto if there is any clues in finding the Queen.

Makoto looked at some roses and remember that the Queen love roses. Sebastian suggested to enter the Rose Lady contest as the winner will get a Golden rose which Makoto claimed it is the Queen's favourite.

They went to the venue and met a girl (Regina) who tried to be friendly with Mana and Ai-Chan. However she claimed she hate everything that is beautiful (She snapped her fingers and the roses dried up immediately) Regina want Mana's Lovies on her hair but was rejected immediately and left. Meanwhile, Mammo went to the human world after Irk was defeated in the previous battle.

When the girls arrived at the contest, they met Alice's schoolmate and childhood friend, Reina and her followers. However Reina disliked Alice and planned to sabotage her group during the contest.

May I have this dance, Rika?

Can I dance with you, Makoto?

The first test was a social dance and Reina's followers damaged Mana's shoes however her quick thinking enabled her to continue the dance. Next was a painting contest and again Reina's followers sabotaged their paintings. Alice was able to render the paintings to make it even better.

The third was a piano performance but there is a cat sleeping on it. Alice managed to play it well without waking up the cat. The MC announced that Reina and Alice were the last two contestants and they have to settle it in a tennis match.

I am a student of the Echizen Tennis Arts!

During the match, Reina's followers tried to blind Alice which Mana and the others tried to stop it and ended up getting mud thrown on them by Reina's followers. However Alice keep it cool and score the winning point.

Reina was angry about it and admitted she doesn't have any real friends like Alice. Mammo used it to create a Jikochu from Reina. She merged with the dark heart and become a Hybrid Jikochu.

The girls transformed and began battling Mammo. But Mammo caught hold of Cure Heart, Diamond and Sword. Cure Rosetta used her martial arts to beat up Mammo and claimed that her friends believed in her and she will do everything to protect them. She then used Rosetta Reflection to knock out Mammo and freed the others.

Everyone used their attacks and finally defeated Mammo. After everything was over, Alice gave Makoto the Golden rose but nothing happened. Ai-Chan then touched the rose and a strange looking gold piece appeared.

Call me Regina...Princess Regina!

However their movements is watched by a strange bird and back at the Jikochu hideout, Regina appeared in front of the three generals and proclaimed she is King Jikochu's daughter...

I think this is a pretty good episode for Alice as she proved she can be as good as a Precure and a well talented Ojou sama all together. Compared to Mana's super helpful traits, I think Alice has better character so far. The story is nothing special as we all know, cheaters never win and Reina has to realise that real friends will always support and will never resort to underhand methods to accomplish anything.

With regards about Regina's appearance, I can say one thing-this girl's mind is twisted! She doesn't care about anything except total destruction of the Precures. If experiences have tell us, Regina will put up a false front for Mana and when Mana is at her lowest, Regina will crush her so hard that it will take a wake-up punch (I hope for a punch not a slap) to get her up again. Although there is one plot hole in this episode, didn't the girls think for a moment that how did Regina is able to turn roses into dead ones with a snap of a finger?

Next week, we have another Rika episode (Yeah!) and somehow she is on a tight schedule for some apparent reasons! See you in the next episode!


  1. I have a feeling that Regina is like Dark Cure in Heartcatch, but maybe she might be Cure Ace, the fifth cure. Idk, maybe..who knows further ahead she might turn against her father or something