Sunday, April 21, 2013

Doki Doki Precure Ep 12: Teach me! Mana Sensei!

Mana, Rika and Makoto are discussing about Ai-Chan's powers when they were interrupted by a junior-Saotome Jun.

Prince Mana to the Rescue!

Jun want to be Mana's disciple after the day before, she offered to carry some books from him and could feel her kindness claiming she is like a White Horse Prince. Mana accepted him as her disciple and started following wherever she goes.

Mana assisted the canteen lady to sell food in an orderly fashion. (Jun got pushed out of the crowd) She then helped a fellow student to the sick bay and settle an argument. Jun even got the chance to play with Ai-Chan and interact with the other girls at Joe's shop.

Mana commented Jun for trying his best today but he felt he didn't really do anything at all. However she told him that helping people make one feel good about it. Joe overheard about it and gave Jun a Lovies for good luck.

I having my mud facial wash...

Meanwhile, Bel is in bandages (again) and complained to the other two generals they have not achieved their goal in conquering the world. Irk decided to head for the human world to battle the Precures.

The next day, Jun tried his best to be like Mana but found it impossible as she is better in everything than him. After school, Alice met up with them and they walked together. Jun was still troubled by Mana's abilities and questioned if he can be like her. A girl's hat flew off and both Mana and Jun tried to catch it. Jun was lacking behind and his heart was corrupted.

It's so Cute!!!

Irk used it to create a Jikochu from Jun and swallow the heart. The girls found Irk's Jikochu form cute (A yellow elephant) before they transformed. The girls could hear Jun's inner voice as he is worried he can't live up to Mana's standards. Cure Heart told Jun she too suffered setbacks before and it is okay as long you can get up again. (Something like Japanese is kinda of weak in this part)

Jun managed to break free of Irk's control and the girls fought back. They then used their Love Heart Arrow attacks and defeated Irk. Jun recovered and the girls make an excuse that Jun fainted earlier.

A few days later, Mana found that the school garden is filled with different flowers and realised that Jun has decided to focus his energy on gardening instead. A mysterious girl in black watched them from far and is planning her next move...

In short, Jun want to be like Mana in every way however everyone is different. The reason why Mana is so good is after many trials and setbacks that make her who she is today. Remember she has her bad times as a kid but she never let that become a hindrance and remain positive till today. I was excepting Mana to refuse Jun but she accepted him as his master without second thought.

Jun himself also realised that everyone is different and he can't follow Mana's pacing 100 percent. I think he just idolised her because of an act of kindness but failed to see the bigger picture. Eventually he know his strengths and weakness and focused on something he is good at which is surprisingly gardening.

For those who are waiting for the new character, Regina to make her appearance will be disappointed as she only appeared at the last 15 seconds of this episode. Voiced by Watanabe Kumiko (Sgt Keroro), I am starting to notice that all the Jikochu generals are voiced by veteran Seiyuus who have done a wide variety of characters whereas the Doki Doki team are voiced by senior or newcomers Seiyuus.

Princess of Tennis or Aim to the Ace?

Next week, it is an Alice focused episode as she have an argument with a rival in school! See you next week!


  1. @kragito it seems regina will play a big role in the next week episode and by her cute face at the end of the preview she not looks like a villain at all

  2. why does jun reminds me a little of miki sayaka on picture No.20?

    and that blondie chick! did you see her wicked smile?

    she's up to no good!