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First Impressions: Hataraku Maou-sama Ep 1, Devil Survivor 2 Ep 1, Yahari ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru Ep 1, Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge Ep 1, Majestic Prince Ep 1, Photo Kano Ep 1, Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Bride Ep 1, Date-A-Live Ep 1, DD Hokuto no Ken Ep 1

Hataraku Maou-sama Ep 1: The evil Lord Satan tried to conquer his own world but was defeated by the Hero. Satan fled with his general, Arushieru to modern day Tokyo and discovered they lost most of their powers and now having human bodies.

Lord Satan, Conquering one Happy Meal at a time!

Now Satan changed his name to Sadou Maou and decided in order to survive and find a way back home, he does the unimaginable thing-Be a Part Timer in a fast food restaurant! But somehow he seems to enjoy the human world however the Hero Emila now called Emi has also trailed him to our time...

Other than the opening scene which how bad ass Satan was, the rest of the show isn't really that much of a big deal. A few laughs here and there but overall, it is still a fish-out-of-water story but nothing unique. Maybe I have to watch a few more episodes to have a different opinion.

Devil Survivor 2 Ep 1: Daichi showed his best friend, Hibiki a snuff website that predicted the death of a person before they died. When both of them were "killed" by a derailed train, they were given a second chance to be reivied.

However the city is in a state of disaster and monsters running around. Together with another survivor, Io, they tried to make their way back home. But a strange Ice cream like object attacked them and Daichi was killed while trying to save the other two. Hibiki's emotions summoned a powerful demon-Byako and destroyed the Ice cream object. (Daichi survived somehow by a pixie fairy from Io) But a mysterious group, JP caught hold of them...

Based on the hit Nintendo DS game of the same name, I felt it is pretty good for an opening episode. Instead of demons trying to hide in the shadow, they go all out on a full scale invasion and our three main characters tried to survive and find out the truth of the invasion. It could be one of the best show this year I seem so far, probably on par with Persona 4.

Yahari ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru Ep 1: Hachiman despise friends and wrote a bad report regarding about school life to his teacher. His teacher, Shizuka dragged him to join the Service Club and it's only member-Yukino hoping it will change him.

But Hachiman and Yukimo (who also has issues) got on the wrong foot however they help fellow classmate, Yui in making cookies for her admirer but bad results. Somehow Yui appreciated it and gave them her home-baked cookies as thanks.

Somehow this show is like a cheap version of Haganai without the moe factor in it. Hachiman is a worse asshole than Kodaka and Yozora while Yukino always speak her mind and offend many people. Not my kind of show so pass...

Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge Ep 1: Kiri has an obsession of cutting other people's hair. He accidentally met a girl, Iwai who has extremely long hair and discovered her hair is a curse which can only be cut by a "Killing Good" item.

Kiri later discovered his ancestor is a homicide murderer who used a special kind of scissors to murder people which happened the same pair that Kiri is holding. He tried to cut Iwai's hair and it worked but somehow triggered an old murder game and the target is Iwai...

If I want to watch someone with a pair of awesome scissors, I watch Mysterious Girlfriend X. Saliva drooling is one thing but getting aroused by long hair is creepy like hell! Pass!

Majestic Prince Ep 1: An Alien race known as Wulgaru attacked the Undine base that housed millions of people. Meanwhile, Izuru and his four teammates failed in their training exercise due to bad teamwork and is known as the Failure Five.

But their commander gave them one chance to make up-To support the evacuation of Undine Base with five special custom mechs. They were successful at first but when the military decided to give up the remaining civilians in the base, Izuru disobey them and managed to drove the Wulgaru away with his team...

If you are sick of Gundam and Macross, Majestic Prince might be a new approach. Already the characters are fun to watch and their mechs are cool. Even their support teams are unique, from moe girls mechanics (The Chief Mechanics is hot!) to tough, bulky guys. I am loving it!

Photo Kano Ep 1: Kazuya got an old digital camera from his father and started taking photos of his school mates and even new friends. But it attracted the attention of the Photograph club and the Photo club who tried to draft him in.

He eventually joined the Photograph club and it's weird members. But his story has just began...

From the people who brought you Kimikiss and the successful Amagami, comes the third installment in the Enterbrain series. Unlike Amagami which focus on one girl in a four part arc, this one keep you guessing which girl Kazuya will fall in love with. From childhood friend Haruka, Uptight Aki, Loli girl Mai, Tomboy Nonoka, Tough girl Hikari, Clumsy Rina and Shy Tomoe, which is your favourite so far?


Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Bride Ep 1: It has been six months since Muneakira and his friends saved Japan from certain doom but Jubei lost her samurai soul in the process. But due to financial problems, the dojo is converted to a maid cafe but charged everything in sky rocket prices!

A group of warriors known as the Dark Samurais led by Miyamoto Mushashi challenged the girls and in the process sealed Muneakira's power and demanded that Jubei challenged them in a month's time.

After that, Mushashi came to the maid cafe the next day claiming she enjoyed the atmosphere...

I watched the first season with a half hearted mood in the beginning but was enjoying it at the finale. So yet, I am a cheap bastard and furthermore, they finally got rid of the black paint censor and is showing everything in full HD glory! (Yummy!) So far, the first episode is interesting to watch and might consider watching since Senran Kagura just ended it's run.

Date-A-Live Ep 1: A mysterious disaster known as Space quakes wiped out part of Europe 30 years ago. Today, Shido was having a normal day when a space quake is heading the city. He tried to find his sister, Kotori but got caught in a space quake.

He saw a female warrior but before he could do anything, she was attacked by his fellow classmate, Origami who is part of a strike force to terminate the warrior. Shido was knocked out but later discovered that Kotori is the head of this organisation and the warrior which are Spirits are responsible for the space quakes.

Kotori then proposed to him that in order to prevent another space quake, he should make the warrior his girlfriend...

So in order to prevent disaster, our male lead has to date the warrior and make her his girlfriend...sounds fine to me! I read the manga recently and it was pretty hilarious to see Shindo who has no experience in girls trying to win a girl's heart. Seriously this is a job for Keima from the World God only Know to handle it...But so far, not bad for a first episode.

Hokuto Hundred Hammering Fists!

DD Hokuto no Ken Ep 1: Your favourite Hokuto no Ken characters are reduced to comedic characters in a world that didn't got blown up! Kenshiro, Toki and Raoh tried to survive everyday with odd jobs and freeloader. Their master Ryuken (voiced by the legendary Kamiya Akira) is now the owner of a conveience store but has a sleeping disorder that caused him to sleep at 8 pm immediately.

Shin is playing with DOLLS!?

I laughed at the inside jokes and it even make fun of the actual series itself. I am enjoying this show so far and it is a standard 24 minutes instead of those five minutes episodes that keep popping up in odd hours!

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