Monday, April 29, 2013

Quick Picks: Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Bride Ep 4, Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S2 Ep 3, Date A Live Ep 4

Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Bride Ep 4: Mumeakira and the girls had an unexpected visitor-Yagyu Ginsen who supposedly alive after Amakusa's defeat.

Let's make a Ginsen Sandwich!

Yes, Senhime! Moar, baby!

Ginsen told them about the Samurai Bride power which is the general's one true warrior. She decided to leave however the girls detained her to know more about it. Later that night, she gave different hints to Yukimura, Senhime and Naoe to see who is worthy to be the Samurai Bride.

However the three girls realised it didn't work and tried to blame Ginsen. (She tried to seduce Mumeakira but was stopped by Senhime and Yukimura) She also gave Jubei a hint and she went to train for it. Suddenly Kojiro who was jealous that Mushashi is friends with Jubei decided to kill her by hypnotizing her and force her off the long stairs.

Ginsen saw it and save Jubei in time. She taunt Kojiro to a fight but she retreated when the others arrived. Yumeakira decided that Ginsen meant no harm and welcome to the cafe...

So we found out that Samurai Bride is actually the ultimate warrior for Mumeakira and somehow no one know to become one. Ginsen who is curious to find out how to get it used the three girls as experiments. Of course, it was funny to see Yukimura drinking cartons of milk, Senhime getting "abused" by Hanzo to be the perfect girl and Naoe trying to seduce Yumeakira. We also see Kojiro's jealous side and tried to murder think that the male version of Mushashi and Kojiro who are rivals are now lovers? (Yippes!)

Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S2 Ep 3: Mikoto confronted the girl who called her the Original. However she set the place on fire and flee.

Mikoto later hacked the network and found out the identify of the girl-Nunotaba Shinobu and she used to work in the same hospital that Mikoto provided her DNA sample. She sneaked into the hospital and discovered a hidden lab.

She searched the files and discovered her DNA was used to create clones of her. However the clones were unable to use her powers and the project was terminated. She decided to flee not knowing her clone-Misaki was sent to delete all the files...

In conclusion, never give your DNA to anyone with subtle intent. Mikoto think her troubles were over after the project was terminated but it has just began with the clones scattering around the city and Shinbou is one cool cookie who outsmart Mikoto in every way...

Date A Live Ep 4: Itsuka met a young girl in the rain and was bewitched by her. Later Touka and Origami tried to win his heart which make him the talk of the class.

Itsuka went home and was shocked to find Touka living with them. Kotori explained to him that Touka's powers are sealed by him and is temporarily staying with them till the new quarters is completed.

The next day, the two girls tried to win Itsuka's heart when a space quake is approaching. Itsuka went to find out the source while Touka stayed in the shelter. He found out it was the same girl in the rain and her name is Yoshino.

However Yoshino used her puppet also called Yoshino to speak on her behalf. While trying to calm her down, they accidentally kiss each other and Touka witnessed everything. She snatch the puppet from Yoshino which caused her to summon her guardian-A giant snow rabbit.

Yoshino flee with Origami's team trying to hit her. She managed to escape and Origami found something left behind by her. Itsuka tried to explain Touka what happened but she refused to listen...

So the next spirit appeared as the cute but shy Yoshino who used her puppet like how a ventriloquist does. I think it is more of Yoshino's inner self that is doing it however that snow rabbit is bad ass as it freeze everything in sight! But can Itsuka prevent Yoshino from doing more damages and clear her misunderstanding with Touka?

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