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Quick Picks: Majestic Prince Ep 5, Valvrave the Liberator Ep 4, Nakimo Ep 13 OVA, Aoi Sekai no Chuushin de Ep 3

Majestic Prince Ep 5: Izuru and his friends were outclassed against Team Doberman in a training exercise. Rin later briefed them that they will be working together to take out a Wulguru base the next day.

Izuru spoke to their leader, Randy and he gave Izuru some advices on how to be a leader. Randy also gave him a video to watch with Asagi and Ataru but instead he invited Kei and Tamaki along to watch and realised it is actually a porn video. (Kei punched Izuru in the face after that)

The teams arrived at the Wulguru base but it is heavily guarded. Team Doberman divert the Wulguru's attention while Team Rabbits arrived at a hatch. However it is too big for Tamaki's mech so Asagi stay behind while the other three entered.

They blasted their way through as they arrived at the core to detonate it however the bomb is damaged. Izuru gave the order for Ataru to fix it while he and Kei hold off the enemies. Ataru repaired the bomb and they quickly escaped before the base exploded. Randy praised Izuru for a job well done and called him a hero...

I was expecting some snobs from Team Doberman but they are pretty nice people. Randy's advices for Izuru is also a wake up call for him. For the last two missions, Izuru tried to do the impossible and not trusting his team mates. When the bomb is damaged, Izuru immediately take a stand and gave orders for Ataru and Kei and the mission was a success. Hopefully Team Rabbits will get better next time around. (Randy trying to score with Rin was hilarious and Izuru and Asagi commented that the actress in the adult video looked like Rin, I wonder...)

Valvrave the Liberator Ep 4: Shouko overheard the radio about Arus is planning to abandon them as they are outnumbered by the Dorssia fleet. Akira told her not to tell anyone about her existence.

L-elf want Haruto to join him in his revolution claiming they can create order in the galaxy. However he refused and tried to use Valvrave to drive away the Dorssia fleet. Haruto saw an Arus pilot trying to pilot the Valvrave but was killed by a booby trap. Figaro detained Haruto and told his plan of bringing Valvrave and him to Arus for study them.

Shouko plead with the student council that Arus is lying to them and they create a distraction for Shouko, Kyuma and Mecha nerd Yusuke to rescue Haruto. They found him and told everyone about Arus's plans. Figaro tried to escape but Haru piloted Valvrave and stop him.

L-elf appeared and told Haruto their situation hasn't changed and the Dorssia fleet have occupied most of the colony. Shouko came up an idea-to use Vavlrave as a bargaining chip for the two nations and the school become an independent nation of it's own.

No matter how many times I see it, Valvrave's face shot is bad ass!

Haruto sortie out and after destroying some grunts, he destroyed the connecting lines to the other domes and pushed the school dome into space. L-elf was amused by the turn of events and learned that Shouko is the Jior President's daughter...

Like I said before that Arus can't be trusted and they nearly got away with it. Thanks to Shouko and the others, the school now become a floating dome in space which I am thinking it is not a good idea. They will used Valvrave as a bargaining chip if Arus and Dorssia tried to take it but for the students in the school, they have to think long term if they want to survive this crisis. Shouko's idea is good but I could fore tell it won't last and I won't be surprised if the school get blown up at the end of the first season...(Valrvave is confirmed to be Haruto's mech and anyone tried to pilot will get his insides exploded...yipes!)

Nakimo Ep 13 OVA: Life is as usual for Shougo since Miyabi is now his sister. However Konoe and Rinka keep making advances on him in which Mei suggested that everyone take turns to go out on a date with Shougo and Miyabi is to judge who is allowed to be him.

Everyone including Mana and Ikusu also joined in the date and the first date is with Mana. The rest of the group watched from afar the date. Shougo started having delusions with him and Mana as a married couple.

Won't you drink with me, Ikusu?

Next was Mei and again Shougo is having delusions of her as his wife. Next is Ikusu then Rinka. Finally it was Konoe and she decided to have Miyabi to join them for the date. They ended up in a wedding cos play studio and "play" wedding couple.

Shougo and Konoe invited Miyabi to join in the photo shoot and she filled in between them. The rest of the girls want to have their photos taken with Shougo and ran towards him...

It has been a while since I watched Nakimo and it is nice to see the cast again for one more hurdle. I know this show isn't on everybody's favourite list but I like it like a guilty pleasure. I wished they could gave delusions on Ikusu and Rinka's future with Shougo and the last scene with Miyabi joining the couple in the photo shot was sweet. Other than that, there is really nothing much to talk about unless it has a second season on the works.

Aoi Sekai no Chuushin de Ep 3: While Gear found out that Alex is his father, Opal managed to take down D. Fisher after using the Eight way shots.

Alex told Gear to absorb his power before he died. He also told Gear about how he got his power by absorbing someone close to him years ago. Gear tearfully accepted his powers and went all out to defeat the Tatoland castle.

In the afterlife, Alex reunited with Gear's mother and she was the one who sacrificed herself to save him years ago. In the aftermath, Segata's triumph over Tatoland was heard all over the land and Gear is now nicknamed Blue Sonic...

Run, Gear, Run!!

So the legend of Sonic..oops, Gear begins and that nickname is really giving away. It was sad to see Alex died but it is a true fact that Alex represented a more simple time in the gaming world and Gear represent the future of gaming. We also get to see the rest of the lands like Taito's main ruler (Man, he is a pimp!), Capcom's Street Fighter and Enix's Yuusha. Hopefully we get to see them and many others in the future but for now, Gear began to run to the infinite horizon in this Aoi Sekai...

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