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First Impressions: Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S2 Ep 1, Photo Kano Ep 2, Date A Live Ep 2, Kakumeiki Valvrave Ep 1, Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Bride Ep 2, Devil Survivor 2 Ep 2, Majestic Prince Ep 2

Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S2 Ep 1: Misaka Mikoto continued her everyday life while helping to beat up evil doers. One day, she encountered another Level 5 Esper, Shokuhou who is able to control people's movement with a remote control and they got on the wrong start.

Later, Mikoto, Kuroko, Uihara and Saten visited their friends in the hospital and somehow got involved with an escaped suspect who took their friend hostage. Of course, Mikoto saved the day with Touma looking at the wreckage...

To be honest, Railgun is more fun to watch with a more straight forward storyline than Index's complicated story. The first episode is just like the first episode in the first season with Mikoto using her trademark Railgun blast to take care of the problem and from the opening sequence, we are getting some new characters that will challenge Mikoto and her friends...

Can I call you Brother-in-Law?

Photo Kano Ep 2: Kazuya kept Tomoe's secret as she look up to Haruka as a role model and but couldn't achieve the same feats as her. He later crossed paths with the student council president, Aki who is very strict with the school rules.

He also get to know that Itta is infatuated with his sister, Kanon which he is against it. Haruka offered to be Kazuya's model and got some nice shots of her. The next day, Kazuya found Aki late for school and took a photo of her. She begged him not to reveal to anyone which somehow Kazuya used it to his advantage...

I would rather have separate arcs for each girl than play this charade to guess who Kazuya will be with. He kept Tomoe's secret, make friends with Mai, get along with Haruka and Nonoka and now got Aki under his know, maybe having a camera in the first place is a bad idea as if this is a hentai show, Kazuya will just probably do a parody of Blackmail the Animation (How sick could it get?)

The craze of an unmarried woman..

Origami think that Shindo has a fetish for school uniforms...

Date A Live Ep 2: Shindo tried out his dating skills with his teacher and Origami with hilarious results. Another space quake occurred at their school and he encountered the same female warrior from before.

With help from Kotori and her "support" staff (who are a bunch of love failures), Shindo managed to make friends with the girl and named her Touka. Before Shindo could take her out on a "date", Origami interfered and caused an explosion.

The next day, Shindo returned to the disaster site and Touka appeared. She want to go out on a date and after a change of clothing, they went on their first date...

I laughed at Shindo trying his best to woo his teacher and when Kotori and her support staff gave hints to help him, it is like something out of a love simulation game with choices and parameter.

Touka was both strong and sweet (voiced by the wonderful Inoue Marina) which I am liking her a lot. Although I wonder where does Touka come from? The past, the future or perhaps another dimension and furthermore, she has no memories of herself and Touka was a name given by Shindo. Let's see how Shindo and Touka's date begin in the next episode...

Kakumeiki Valvrave Ep 1: Five soldiers from the Dorrsia Military Pact infiltrated the neutral space colony of Jior trying to steal the ARUS's secret weapon. Meanwhile, Haruto led a normal school life with his friends until the Dorrsia Military sent their troops to attack the colony.

It should be rephrase-Do you give up being a Human?

In the chaos, Haruto's childhood friend and secret crush, Shouko was killed by an explosion and the ARUS secret weapon-Valvrave arise from the ground. Haruto was shocked by Shouko's death but he piloted Valvrave and successfully drove them away.

When he came down from Valvrave, one of the Dorrsia soldier, Lelf shot him to death and tried to steal Valvrave but Haruto suddenly woke up and bite him on the neck!

Enemy spies infiltrated the neutral space colony? Check. Reluctant male lead? Check. Secret Robot weapon. Check. Friend or loved one killed? Check. Future Rival for male lead? Check. Male lead becoming a vampire like person in a mecha show? What the hell!? Minus the last question, I could see certain plot points that is from a Gundam-like show.

But you have to give credit for Sunrise to create a show that has everything-Cool male characters, Moe and Sexy female characters, Awesome robot, an all star seiyuu cast (Mamoru Miyamo's Yagami Light and Fukuyama Jun's Lelouch in the same team will have the fan girls scream in ectasty) and a kick ass opening song performed by T.M Revolution and Mizuki Nana.

I still have two questions for this episode-One, why is there a moe character in the monitor and Two, why do we have Haruto turning into a vampire all of a sudden in a mecha show?

Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Bride Ep 2: A thief have been stealing the girls' under wears, especially Yukimura's under wears. She claimed Mumeakira did it which Senhime tried to prove his innocence. Later, Mumeakira found a monkey and make friends with it but the monkey is actually the underwear thief.

Yukimura recognize the monkey as her follower, Sasuke and claimed she left it behind for it's own safety. But somehow, Sasuke trailed her to the dojo. Later, Naoe and Sasuke couldn't get along and tried to run away after overhearing Yukimura's financial problems.

Sasuke was spotted by Jubei and Yumeakira and in the confusion, Yumeakira was able to make Sasuke a Master Samurai. Thanks to Sasuke, the maid cafe was able to attract more customers...

So this episode introduce Sasuke, the faithful follower of Yukimura which happened to be a real monkey who can become human by a kiss. (I wonder how other adaptations of Sarutobi Sasuke will react if they found out about it?) Other than that, nothing much to say except more fan service and didn't the group have to figure out a way for Mumeakira's curse and Jubei's samurai soul?

Devil Survivor 2 Ep 2: Hibiki and his friends were brought to JPs and was introduced to the head of JPs, Yamato and his second in command, Makoto. Yamato explained about the upcoming doomsday scenario in seven days but Io want to go back home which Yamato allowed after Hibiki volunteered to stay to help.

However the highway to Io's town was blocked and they went to a nearby shelter for information. Suddenly demons started appearing in the shelter which Hibiki went to battle with Byako. Makoto went to search for the demon portal and destroyed it. In the end, the three friends decided to help JPs which Yamato ordered them to find a professor in Osaka as a mysterious group in Nagoya montior JPs' next move...

I am pretty hooked with this series due to it's fast pacing which I think it is following quite closely to the actual DS game. But how much will it adapt is another thing? Furthermore, I think there are three possible endings which I hoping the anime studio doesn't go for some bad or ridiculous ending that will make fans scratching their heads...

Majestic Prince Ep 2: Izuru and his team became overnight sensations however they weren't very good in their public relation during the press conference. But the civilians that they saved thank them and now they are called Majestic Prince after their initials-MJP.

The team now has sponsors and started passing their company slogans on their mechas. Simon ordered the team to place satellite at the Undine camp. During the installation, a small squad of Wulgura led by a white mecha pinned down the team. After destroying the satellite, the Wulgura retreated with MJP failing to do anything and were hated by the public...

So after last week's awesome episode, we have more of story developments with the introduction of the Wulgura's ace pilot, Jiato and the team becoming like celebrities with endorsements all over their mechas. (Just like Tiger and Bunny)  The team was caught off guard by Jiato's attacks which showed the team still have a lot to learn if they want to survive again. By the way, that silver hair girl voiced by Itou Shizuka, is she this show's Lacus Clyde?

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