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Quick Picks: Haganai S2 Ep 9, Vividred Operation Ep 9, Accel World EX02

Haganai S2 Ep 9: The gang started making their movie for the Cultural festival. The next day, Kodaka met a fellow student-Yusa Aoi who got second place in the school finals (Sena is the top student)


Aoi claimed Kodaka is Sena's boyfriend which he denied and she is Sena's rival. He later told Sena about her which she completely ignore the matter. Kodaka then met Pegasus after school and he asked when he is marrying Sena which he was shocked about it. He explained he treated Sena as a friend only and Pegasus cried in agony.

Why did you unbutton your shirt, Sena?

Sena explained Kodaka that her father misunderstood her when she claimed she want to make Kobato her sister. But she also claimed their fathers have arranged them to be engaged when they were kids years ago.

They tried to ignore it but Maria spilled the beans which got Yozora depressed. Sena tried to make her get over it however it isn't working. Kodoka later met Kate (who is the one who told Maria) and she apologise about it. She also suggested to him to watch "The Sun above the Hill" after he told her about the movie they make.

That night, Kodaka watched it and realised Yozora plagiarized the script from the movie...

This episode introduce another loli-Yusa Aoi and she is not an interesting character other than trying to prove her she is better than Sena but really, no one take her seriously because of her whinning. I laughed when Pegasus was disappointed and did a "The Girl Lept through Time" moment. But seeing Kodoka and Sena as childhood friends and being engaged by their fathers is something out of a 90s anime (Remember Ranma 1/2?)

Now Kodaka found out Yozora totally copied the whole movie and in the next preview, the gang remake the movie (again?!)

Vividred Operation Ep 9: Wakaba tried to bring Himawari out and she looked lovely in a dress. A model company scouted Himawari and want her in a photo shoot. Wakaba insisted she does the photo shoot and in return, she will accompany Himawari to a computer factory tour.

Wakaba later told Himawari the model company want another photo shoot for her next Sunday. However she was disappointed that Wakaba forgot their promise of the factory tour. But they make up and Wakaba have to listen to her whims and needs for that day.

During shooting, Wakaba left for a moment and Himawari's hair pins were removed by the make up artist when she dozed off. Later she tried to find it during the high tides on the beach and met Rei.
She just watched Himawari searching the pins and mocked her. Wakaba quickly rushed to tell her that she found it earlier.

Himawari claimed the hair pins is a gift from her and treasure it dearly. Suddenly an Alone has descended from the hemisphere and Aoi and Akane are having problems dealing it. They quickly rushed to cover them and quickly defeated the Alone with Rei being disappointed of the defeat.

Later Himawari tried to make the factory tour a weekly event with Wakaba and Rei felt more anger of the girls...

This week's episode is more of a character development episode between Wakaba and Himawari. Wakaba has a weakness for cute and feminine things and Himawari become her plaything to doll up. But you can tell Himawari is more of a tech geek and enjoy being with computers and machines. These two don't really mix well but somehow, they try to have a win-win situation (which sort of worked with Wakaba have to accompany her to the factory every week)

But with four more feathers left in Rei's neck, I wonder what happen if all the feathers disappeared?

Accel World OVA EX 02: Sky Laker/Fuko joined Haru and company in the Accel world and were winning in every battle. But Haru need to pass his physical exam otherwise he will have to join a health program during the weekend and will have no time to join the Accel world.

Who are you?

Chiyu tried to make Haru go on a diet with little success. Fuko suggested for Haru to go on a special hot spring and everyone joined in instead. Later Haru found a Tekken arcade machine and realised someone played on his behalf years ago but could not recall who.


Later that night, Haru went to the hot spring and was shocked to see Hime too. Both felt embarrassed but Hime explained their powers come from negative experiences in life and she is worried if Haru lose weight and become a good looking person, he will leave her. But he insisted he will always be by her side.

Hime confessed her love for him quietly and he fainted by the shock. He later lose weight due to stress over the matter and passed the physical exam. The group were glad everything was back to normal and continued their battles in the Accel world...

For a moment, I thought this second OVA will be like the first one which is introducing a new figure but it dealt with Haru's past. Somehow, his parents got a divorce and it also played a part in his low self esteem issues. I think the person who played the machine is his father but Haru couldn't recall properly.

Of course, it is fan service to see the female characters in swimsuits and bath towels! Leopard and Fuko are the best looking while Hime got the fairest skin complexion. Anyway, the battles will go on and hopefully we get a second season then! 

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