Sunday, March 10, 2013

Doki Doki Precure Ep 6: Cure Sword's Secret Part 1

After finishing a recording, DB informed Makoto her next schedule which happen to be a cooking show at Mana's restaurant.

If this is a mature anime, the egg white will be on Makoto's face (Pervert mind...heheh)
Mana and Rika were surprised to see Makoto as the guest idol at the restaurant. Mana's father tried to guide Makoto in cooking omelet rice with terrible results. (She washed the carrots with detergent, destroyed a chopping board and ruined some eggs.)

Mana's grandfather was furious about it and walked out of the kitchen. The studio crew decided to record it again tomorrow and later, Makoto told DB that she took this recording as to find out what kind of person Mana really is.

Mana, Rika and Alice discussed about Makoto when Mana decided to help Makoto in her cooking. They saw Makoto and DB in front of their restaurant and offered to help her. The girls took time to teach Makoto and she learn it quickly.

Makoto's Extra Large Omelet Rice!

Meanwhile, the Jikochu trio are in their hideout, complaining of their last defeat. Bel decided to take the offense and entered the human world. During the recording, Makoto followed Mana's instructions and finally make an omelet rice dish (Extra large version!)

The girls love the dish and Mana's grandfather mentioned that cooking is all about love. Makoto recalled her past-she is a songstress in the Trump Kingdom and always sing for someone important however that person is gone now.

The cameraman's heart was tainted and Irk used it to create a Jikochu. Sebastian evacuated everyone while Mana, Rika and Alice transformed. They tried to stop the Jikochu but it keep growing after eating everything in sight.

Cool Sword!

The Jikochu tried to eat the omelet rice when Makoto gave the order to DB. She is revealed to be Davi and become a Cure Commune. Makoto used the Commune and become Cure Sword. She quickly purified the Jikochu with Holy Sword and after that, Cure Heart offered her hand in friendship.

Suddenly Bel appeared and he send the four girls into another dimension...

Just when Cure Sword was ready to join them, Bel ruined it and send them to another world which in the next episode is the fallen Trump Kingdom and the first look of the Jikochu King. We also know Cure Sword is a songstress like Ellen and Ako and used to perform in front of someone important. (Probably it is the Queen of Trump Kingdom)

Why are you singing, Cure Sword?

So after six episodes, this is so far the best episode with hints of Cure Sword's past and how Mana and the others tried their best for her to join them. The battle is short lived as this is a two parter but next week, it looked like something out of a finale episode where they faced hordes of Jikochu.

Good Times...

Isn't this lovely?

Do the Precure Leap!!!

Of course, there are short clips of the upcoming NS2 movie and seeing everyone again put a smile in me. (Yuri holding Ako's hand is sweet and Erica as usual is hilarious in her expressions) The Smile Precure team returned too and I hope we get to see them interact with Doki Doki team in the next trailer. Until then, See you next week!

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