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Quick Picks: Haganai S2 Ep 8, Vividred Operation Ep 8

Haganai S2 Ep 8: Kodaka thanks everyone for Kobato's birthday party. When Kobato came to, they were discussing about what to do during the school festival when they found out Kobato is the lead in a play her class is doing.

After Kodaka told her that it is a privilege to be a main lead, she returned to her class. Yozora suggested to make a movie and later ask Kodaka to accompany her to see a movie for research.

C'est si bon! (It means it's so good!)

The movie they choose has a steamy love scene which got both of them speechless. Yozora brought Kodaka to a Cat petting cafe and mentioned a stray cat, Night they played years ago. However Night went missing which broke Yozora's heart.

Warning: This is not Kobato!


The next day, Yozora got the script however she want to be the female lead and Kodaka the male lead. After much debate, Yukimura got the lead but Yozora tried to change the story to her advantage. Sena was angry by her selfishness that Yozora in her fit of anger, yelled at her claiming she shouldn't exist in her life.

Kodaka consoled her later and asked which is the important? The past of the present? Yozora redo the script and everyone was happy about the changes now...

As you can tell, Yozora has a lot of issues. She want Kodaka for herself that she is willing to do anything for her advantage. However she is living in the past and shouldn't use the childhood friend status as an excuse. Sena is pretty sensible this time as she is right about Yozora living in the past.

But Yozora have to spoilt it but her wishing she hasn't appear between her and Kodaka. That was mean of her. Furthermore, her claim that she will rather not to be attached to anything (like the cat) than to get hurt if it is gone also showed her selfishness and her refusal to move on.

Kodaka has to play peacemaker which defused the situation and now remained status quo. With the new movie they are making, what will happen after that?

Vividred Operation Ep 8: Akane is rushed to hospital while the Alone is hibernating itself on the Sky Tree Tower. After the army failed to shoot it down, Mizuho told the remaining three girls to go back and rest while Akane is in intensive care.

The three girls saw Akane's Naked Rang still in active mode and claim her spirit is still with them. As the city evacuated for the army to drop a SGE bomb, Rei was ordered to take down Aoi and the others for the plan to work.

She met Aoi and they had a chat regarding Akane being supportive of her. Aoi claimed Akane will understand her if Rei told her her problems. Later the three girls decided to take a gamble and volunteered to take down the Alone.

The plan is for Aoi to distract the Alone while Himawari will maintain the shield for Wakaba to thrust a SGE bomb into the Alone. They began their operation however the Alone knocked Wakaba before she could thrust it and was knocked into the tower.

The Alone hatched and was about to fire at Wakaba and Himawari when the Naked Rang on Aoi's back gave her an extra boost to hit the SGE bomb.

The Alone was destroyed as Rei cried in agony. The three girls went to the hospital and Akane has recovered...

An episode that doesn't need the Docking sequence and it took the remaining three girls to work together (With a bit of Akane's spirit) to defeat the Alone. I realised that the Alone are more like the Angels from Evangelion with the large mass and destructive lasers. Although Kenjiro didn't have a fail safe in case if Akane is down, the other three girls should have Docking sequence with each other (That will have a lot of yuri moments)

I still hope they will tell us why Rei is so determined for the end of the world. Three guesses will figure it got to do with the Mainfestor Engine accident seven years ago. Maybe the accident killed Rei's parents and some unknown forces is using her to further the destruction.

So what will happen now? Rei is definitely going to try something desperate after this failed attempt. Will Akane be able to bring her to her senses before it is too late? Find out next week to know more!

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