Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Quick Picks: Love Live Ep 8, Senran Kagura Ep 8

Love Live Ep 8:  Honoka and the others barged into the Chairwoman's office and demand to know the closure of their school. Mrs Minami explained their school will be closed next year if the upcoming open house is badly received.

Eri decided to use the school council to plan for the open house while Honoka and the others decided to put a performance on the same day. The school council was out of ideas while Umi drilled the girls hard for their performance. She later explained about Eri's reason of them being amateurs and her ballerina background.

Honoka decided to get Eri to train them. She reluctantly agreed after Alisa dislike her initial program for the open house. Eri pushed them hard and hope the girls will give up. However they didn't and she walked out on them.

Nozomi asked why she did that and Eri spoke in tears, she felt it was her own responsibility to save the school and her pride didn't allow her to ask Honoka if she could join them, claiming it will be awkward.

However everyone offered Eri to join the group and she agreed. Nozomi also joined them claiming if nine members will to form Muse, a bright future will begin. They then realised it was Nozomi who gave their group name in the suggestion box.

After much training, the girls performed at the open house and it was well received...

Finally we got all nine girls and their first song together-Bokura no Live, Kimi to no Life was their first official single when the group was formed last year. However this version of the PV is not so good compared to the original PV (You can search it on Youtube to see the official PV) Anyway, Eri's reason is more of a pride thing. Being a leader head, she has a lot to consider and lowering her head to join the group is admitting defeat after saying bad things about them. (Although she too suffered failure when she didn't win the ballet contest as a child)

But all is well now as the girls will aim for the Love Live contest. However the next episode preview, the girls work in a maid cafe and focusing on Kotori as she tried to hide her maid cosplay life.

Senran Kagura Ep 8: Kiriya drilled the girls hard in their training and both Yagyu and Hibari are given extra training. He later talked to Daidouji and he recalled how the girls come together three years ago.


Ikaruga and Katsuragi were first years and the first to join Hanzo Academy. They initially couldn't get along but finally did after they nearly got trapped in their own barrier. Later Asuka joined the two of them and were surprised she can perform Shinobi Change unknowingly.

Finally Yagyu and Hibari joined them and Yagyu was cold at first. But she now opened up and become part of the team. Daidouji also has her reasons of not graduating claiming she has yet to challenge with Suzune however she died before they could.

Suzune was angry that Haruka acted on their grandmaster's order to find the Super Ninja Scroll. Haruka immediately control Hibari as a doll by using the earring she give her days ago...

A flashback of how the girls got together. Ikaruga and Katsuragi were two peas of a kind as they have a reason to become stronger and uphold their family's honor. Asuka may not look much in the beginning but her inner potential is amazing as she can perform Shinobi Change that took the two seniors a year to get it right.

Daidouji also has her reasons. She and Rin were rivals back then and seeing that Rin is the better one could prove deadly in the future. (It is obvious that Suzune is Rin) But now with Haruka controlling Hibari and making her steal the scroll plus deflecting to Hebi Academy, can Asuka and the others stop their scheme?

P.S: I will be getting the Senran Kagura Shinovi VS for the PS Vita soon. Can't wait to use the new characters and senior characters! (My first choice is Ikaruga and Yomi for my first gameplay)

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  1. man! this girls are getting more hotter than ever! did anyone notice Daidouji's abs? (WOW!) and most importantly.....