Monday, March 4, 2013

Doki Doki Precure Ep 5: Precure IDOL

The three girls read an article about Kenzaki Makoto's road to stardom and wondered if she is Cure Sword. Alice explained Maktoto and her manager are the only two people who did not leave the Clover tower during the Jikochu's appearance.

We even have DNA to prove it! (Alice has everything!)

Mana want to look for her but stop short after not knowing where Makoto is. However Alice know where she is. Meanwhile Irk complained to the other two generals about the appearance of a fourth Precure while Mammo decided to take action this time.

Hi, I am Cure Heart (FAIL!)

Alice brought the other two girls to the Yotsuba TV station which her father owned. They saw Makoto having a rehersal of her song and Mana went ga-ga over her. She immediately found Makoto in her dressing room and bluntly introduced herself as Cure Heart.

Makoto was angry by her introduction and chased her out of the room. Mana realised she should have consider Makoto's feelings, rather than using her usual way of handling matters. Makoto's manager named DB approached them and spoke about Makoto is actually a shy person. She used to perform as a street performer but her music brought a smile to people which is why she gave herself high standards as an idol.

Meanwhile, an idol performer before Makoto was jealous of her. Mammo used her darkness to create a Jikochu and caused havoc in the studio. The three girls transformed and tried to take down the Jikochu but it keep blinding them with strong lights.

Makoto slipped while escaping and was cornered by the Jikochu. Cure Heart tried to stop it from attacking her and told Makoto she will protect her songs. Suddenly the lights went out and Cure Sword appeared in the spotlight. She took down the Jikochu easily and purified it with Holy Sword.

After the battle, Cure Sword refused to accept them and left into the darkness. Later, the three girls received a ticket to Makoto's fans thanksgiving event from DB. Mana met Makoto and told her she will protect the smiles of everyone and even gave some peach buns for Makoto. She paused and watched Mana reunited with her friends...

So the beginning of the Cure Sword arc and whether she will accept the three girls. I guess Cure Sword has her issues why she cannot accept them. (Fallen kingdom, comrades defeated and so on.) Whatever the reason is, it will take a while before she will joined them. Although I am a bit worried that the show will start focusing on Mana and Makoto's relationship so much that the other two girls are throw into the background like how they did with Love and Setsuna.

The other point noted is Mana herself. From the first episode until now, she have a naive way of handling things. She will brash in to handle problems however when she met with a minor setback, like the flashback as a kid or Makoto ticked her off, she will sucked in one corner and realised not everyone is the same. Let's hope she doesn't react like this again in future episodes otherwise I will think she is not a good Precure to lead unlike her "Main" predecessors.

No, not the eggs!!!

In the next episode, Makoto become a guest in Mana's father cooking show. We also find out her weakness is she can't cook! Will anyone survive her ordeal in the kitchen? Find out in the next episode!


  1. didn't i tell you?

    cure sword has become an instant favorite!
    hope to see more pictures of her in your blog!

    (as well some of my precious and gorgeous haruka!)

    ooooooouuuh haruka! mmmmmmm!