Monday, March 25, 2013

Quick Picks: Love Live Ep 12, Senran Kagura Ep 12 FINAL

Love Live Ep 12: Honoka was sent to the sick bay and the others have no choice but to stop the performance. Two days later, they went to visit to Honoka who is feeling better now.

Eri broke the news they shouldn't have push the burden to Honoka and decided they are withdrawing from the Love Live contest. It disappointed Honoka as Muse is no more in the rankings.

The next day, things went back to normal and they also received the news their school is recruiting new students for next year which means it won't close down anymore. However Kotori is still troubled by her problems.

The girls celebrate that their school is around next year when Umi helped Kotori to break the news. She is going overseas to study and is leaving in two weeks. Honoka asked her why she didn't tell her. Kotori tried to but Honoka's mind was about Love Live and she doesn't want to disappoint her.

Honoka and Kotori were troubled that night and the next day, the others suggested to Honoka to have one more performance before Kotori's departure. But Honoka felt it was pointless since they have already saved the school and there is no way to beat the other school idols at their level.

She then announced she is quiting as an idol and it angered Umi that she slap her...

One bombshell after another, I said. First, Muse has dropped out of Love Live and they are out of the rankings. Second is Kotori is leaving and she is troubled of telling Honoka. But Honoka was so shocked of the news that it is pointless in carrying on. I mean that they saved the school from closing down but at the cost of their friendship. Kotori was in the lose-lose situation and she really treasured her friendship with Honoka. She want to consult Honoka earlier and I know she really love the group.

So what will happen now? Will Muse come to an end? Will Kotori leave them and their friendship ruined? If this is the case, it will be probably be one of the most surprising ending this season. This show started fun and cheerful and now it is all going down the drain. Find out what happened in the Finale next week!

Senran Kagura Ep 12 FINAL: Asuka and Homura continuing fighting when Homura recalled her being betrayed by her teacher who tried to murder her after knowing she is a Light ninja. She killed the teacher and joined Hebi Academy as a result.

Asuka managed to break the barrier and escaped to the upper floor. Ikaruga and Katsuragi encountered Hikage and Yomi again however they wasted no time in avoiding them. Meanwhile, Rin met Kiriya and Daidouji and she explained that their grandmaster, Dougen want to combine the Yin and Yang of the Super Ninja Scrolls to rule the Shinobi world-by absorbing all the aura that Asuka and Homura are fighting.

What happen to your hair, Daidouji?

Yagyu found Hibari and together they escaped from Haruka and Mirai. Asuka and Homura reached to the top and Dougen told them his motives. Everyone arrived but Dougen sucked Asuka and Homura into a barrier and they began battling Dougen's summon-Orochi.

As the others hold off armies of ninja robots, Homura was so consumed by hatred and betrayal that she went berserk. But Asuka stopped her and told her to believe in her friends. The others concentrated using Haruka and Hibari as the centre, they will able to send their sprirts to the two girls.

Asuka and Homura were charged up and they were able to use the Super Ninja Arts. They finally defeated Dougen but he escaped to the rooftop. Everyone cornered him but he activated the self-destruct switch that leveled the school down.

The Hebi ninjas went to rescue their fellow students and bade farewell. Rin grabbed Dougen before he could activate the death curse and plunged down into the fire below. A few days later, Asuka finally is promoted to Chunin and Kiriya broke the news of there were no traces of anyone in the ruined Hebi Academy.

Ikaruga looked lovely in that dress!

Yagyu is sexy!

Asuka and the others still believed the Hebi ninjas are still alive and they will meet again some day...

So a show that has fan-service and based on a popular video game fare well? I should said it is pretty decent adaptation consider they cramped a lot of contents in the game for 12 episodes. I know people who watched the first few episodes were disappointed as there wasn't much action but rather plot development. But those who stayed on (which included yours truly) was enjoying the second half. Considering the show actually have character developments for all the main characters and given this is the same studio that gave us the Queen Blade series, I should said it is better than the former.

So what now? If you follow the PS vita game of Senran Kagura, you will know Homura and her friends are still alive but are now runaway shinobi. If they even do a second season, introduce the other two factions and I will be contented and will review some more episodes. But for now, Asuka and her friends take their deserved break, until then, SHINOBI TENSHI! 

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  1. only a few words for this last episode:

    probably the production companys of the game and television series will prepare for us a surprise maybe next year! a rebbot?(a movie perhaps?)who knows what will storage for the fans in the near future!

    the show might be over...

    but that doesn't mean that the franchise won't stop!

    until then.....

    goodbye anime girls from senran kagura! especially you haruka! you were the most sexiest of them all!

    (including banchou lider daidouji! what a six pack
    she has! WOW!!!!)