Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Quick Picks: Love Live Ep 11, Girls und Panzer Ep 11, Senran Kagura Ep 11

Love Live Ep 11: Muse has reached rank 19 at the School Idol polls and qualified to enter the Love Live contest. The girls enjoyed their popularity at school however Kotori is troubled by a letter she received.

Eri suggested to have a performance during the school festival however they were unable to use the auditorium due to Nico getting the bad end of the straw. Honoka suggested to have the performance at the rooftop which everyone agreed and Honoka is given centre role.

Kotori asked her mother for advice over her problem but somehow her mother told her to decide for herself. Honoka worked too hard and Umi is concerned for her until she run in the rain the night before the festival. Kotori then called Umi and told her about her problem.

The next day, Honoka had a fever and slight sore throat but tried to put up with it. After their opening number in the heavy rain, Honoka fainted due to exhaustion...

Funny, this show is started to feel like Idolmaster with all the problems popping up. The obvious is Kotori who I am guessing she get to a chance to study overseas but is torn between her friends and the scholarship. Honoka push herself too hard and fainted after the first number which due to the pressure of having the group in the top 20.

But from the next episode preview, she is up on her feet again!? I do suspect one thing...why is there no teacher to supervise the group? I mean shouldn't all club have one as part of regulation? I mean what happened if the group have some problems they can't solve it and need an adult to assist? No wonder the Idolmaster fans and Love Live Fans are at each other throats over it...

Girls und Panzer Ep 11: After the online team were taken out, Miho ordered everyone to fire smoke bombs and head for the hills. They got the high ground and took down two more tanks. But they quickly run downhill after the student council tank went through enemy lines in the confusion head to the river.

However the first year tank got struck in the river and Miho went to wretch a rope on their tank and the rest of the tanks pulled them out.

Miho ordered everyone to head to the town and tried to take down a stray Black peak tank. But they were confronted by the Maus-the heaviest tank in history and shoot down two of their tanks with the Black Peak approaching fast behind...

So we are at the last two episodes of these underdog series. Miho and company tried all sort of tactics to defeat her sister's team and so far, it is going well until they meet the Maus which is like a giant monster. We get a repeat of Miho's past with the first year tank stuck in the water however Miho refused to give up on them and pull them out of the river. Typical friendship bonds as the girls respect Miho's leadership but now can Ooari make a comeback or get crashed by both sides? Find out next week for the conclusion!

Senran Kagura Ep 11: The Hanzo Ninjas began battling Yomi and her ninjas. Meanwhile Hibari begged Haruka to stop with her friends but claimed it is their destiny.

Super Ninja Rin!

Ikaruga tele-ported Yomi into a Shinobi Barrier while the other three continue their way to the top. After Haruka left, Hibari asked Rin if she was the one who wrote the carvings at the camp site. Rin was impressed by Hibari's mind sights and was confident that the Hanzo ninjas were be able to win. She transformed to her battle gear and escaped on her own.

Yomi claimed she hated Ikaruga as a hypocrite-Using her riches to help the needy and blame the death of her parents on her. But Ikaruga did not give in and become stronger instead. Meanwhile, Katsuragi and Yagyu took on Hikage and Mirai while Asuka continue alone.


Hikage and Mirai have their own past to reveal. Claiming they hate everything in the world and the only people who care for them are the Hebi ninjas. Asuka met Homura and they began dueling. Haruka unlocked Hibari's cell and told her about her dysfunctional rich family. She then taunt Hibari to a fight and they entered the Shinobi Barrier.


Hibari managed to knock out Haruka and telepathy told everyone to stop fighting due to the forbidden curse on the Hebi ninjas. The Hanzo ninjas knew the reason of their fighting and took down the Hebi ninjas without killing them.

Asuka continue to battle Homura as the others race against time to stop the grandmaster...

So, Rin's reasons is to save her students by having the Hanzo ninjas reached their full power and by then, they will able to free Homura and the others. Although we get to see the Hebi ninjas' past which are all tragedies but the Hanzo ninjas also have bad pasts too. The only difference is the Hanzo ninjas are able to overcome their weakness and move on while the Hebi ninjas became obsessed with hatred.

With one more episode to go, can the Hanzo ninjas defeat the grandmaster to uplift the death curse and savour the Hebi ninjas? Find out next week for the finale.

P.S-I have already watch Smile Precure the Movie and it is pretty decent. I will talk about it when the next Doki Doki Precure episode is reviewed.

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