Saturday, March 16, 2013

Quick Picks: Haganai S2 Ep 10, Vividred Operation Ep 10

Haganai S2 Ep 10: Yozora was punished by everyone for trying to film their movie from an existing film. She regretted about it and Sena decided to use her script for the new movie.

They began filming the new movie and later, Rika brought Kodaka to see her private room in the school lab. She mentioned Kodaka is the first person she brought and she quietly smiled to herself.

Give me a Big Hug!!

A few days later, the gang went to Kobato's school festival and watch her class movie. They were impressed about it and learned that Kobato is very shy to her classmates and refused to make any friends.

Another candidate for the Harem?

The school began their own school festival and the student president, Hidaka Hinata gave the opening speech. Yozora felt disgusted over Hinata's popularity and retreated herself. Kodaka saw Rika at the rooftop and approached her.

She claimed Kodaka has already make friends with everyone and should develop further. However he refused to accept it and left quietly...

I find for the last few episodes, Kodaka and Yozora have a lot of issues and it was getting very dark. Kodaka just don't want to admit he has friends in the club and want to remain the status quo. He know if he choose any of the girls, he is afraid the rest will leave him. Maybe that is the fate of a harem male lead. But I am kinda of intrigued by Hinata's first appearance. Perhaps she is voiced by the lovely Hikasa Yoko make me wonder if she will cross path with Kodaka and company in the future. Anyway, the continuation of the school festival in next week's episode!

Vividred Operation Ep 10: The crow warned Rei of her failures and she rebutted that the next Alone appear, she will use all of her arrows to succeed. However she too understand she will cease to exist if she does that.

Himawari discovered the arrow that evolved the Alone and informed Kenjiro. He later explained to Aoi's grandmother, Yuri about the predication of the Alone seven years ago and it was all a test to find out if mankind is worthy of the Manifestor Engine technology.

Rei went to Akane's house as a last farewell but was overwhelmed by Akane's hospitality. Instead they have dinner and showed together after the mayonnaise machine exploded. They later sleep in the same room and Akane claimed she want to make friends with her since the first time they met. Rei accepted that and they swear a pinkie together.

The next evening, an Alone appeared and the girls scrambled out. Rei began firing her arrows however Kenjiro has tracked her locations and the special forces are looking for her. Akane and Wakaba defeated the Alone before Rei fired her last arrow.

She was surrounded by security drones and tried to escape. Akane spotted her and was surprised by it. The Special forces managed to tass Rei and she was captured. Rei accused Akane of getting to close to her just to be her friend however she denied it and was disappointed by the events...

We are now getting some serious stuff. Rei is from another timeline where the Manifestor Engine destroyed her world and somehow the crow is working for a higher power. Kenjiro's foretold of the Alone is also scary as it was during the accident seven years ago where the first Alone appeared. Somehow an unknown power is watching if the Manifestor Engine is worthy for mankind to use or will it lead to their demise?

Rei and Akane are now in a fix. Rei claimed Akane is using their friendship to get close to her and Akane just want to make friends with her but they are on opposite sides. Oh boy, this is really awkward...

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