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Quick Picks: Tamako Market Ep 4, Haganai S2 Ep 4, Vividred Operation Ep 4

Tamako Market Ep 4: Anko had a dream of her mother doing make up for her during the shopping festival years ago. Dela has been gaining weight which everyone comment about it.

I maybe fat but I am still cute!

Later, Anko asked her father whether she can go to the museum on Sunday however it was the same day as the shopping festival and he need her to be around. Her grandfather suggested Anko to wake up early to do her chores before leaving in the afternoon.

On Sunday, Shiori also dropped by to help and soon Anko went to meet her friends. However along the way, she was asked to help the children in their costumes for the festival. Dela at the mean time, become the mascot for the festival (All dressed in gold color)

Anko never went to the museum in the end however her male classmate, Yuzuki came to pass a present to her. Anko immediately hide in the cupboard and refused to come out. Tamako's friends suspected that Anko has a crush on Yuzuki but finally she came out and accepted his present.

The festival ended with Dela relaxing in a hot bath...

This episode focus on Anko and her existence in the family. Everyone treated her like the little girl and having only a single parent, she doesn't experience a full family's love. Her mother as shown in her dream was very gentle and care for them. Of course, Anko also experience first love and the girls mistaken for liking the more better looking boy instead.

Although everything didn't went according to Anko's plan, she did experience the little things in life and it felt good in the end to be rewarded. (Dela better lose some weight otherwise he will be hardly recognizable in the next episode...)

Haganai S2 Ep 4: Kodaka denied he is going out with Sena and his father claimed he heard from her father who is also drunk when he called.

The next day, Sena invited Kobato to an amusement park and bride her the chance to watch a live performance of her favourite show. However everyone want to join in and did eventually.

Fxxx YEAH!!!

Sena as a mother?! Hell Yeah!

They tried the Black Dragon Roller Coaster ride first and it scared the hell out of them. Kodaka and Sena took Kobato to see the live show and got a signed autograph after that.

It look like they just got screwed real bad...

After lunch, Sena and Yozora challenged each in the Black Dragon ride again and they went up eight times. As a result, they puked on everyone and they have to take a bath in the public bathing house.

Maria spotted Yukimura has no penis which Kodaka was shocked she is a girl. Rika confirmed again and Yukimaru was worried Kodaka will hate her however he didn't but Yozora was upset her "plan" failed.

Everybody took the train back but Kodaka looked at Yukimaru in another way...

The best part was the Roller coaster ride and I was surprised that Misato Fuken (Rika's Seiyuu) said the "F" word and after that everyone went crazy in the ride. People actually mistaken Sena for Kobato's mother which yeah, she will be a hot mother to have such a cute daughter. (Doujin Artists, you know what to do!)

But the bombshell dropped after finding out Yukimaru is indeed a girl and Yozora was upset about it. I am guessing she want to get rid of Sena (By insulting her intelligence), making Yukimaru wear maid clothing just to have Kodaka for herself. If she is a real person, she will be labelled as a Bitch. But I can understand why she want to do it as she love Kodaka since young.

So can Kodaka look at Yukimaru the same way since knowing he is the only male in the group and Yukimaru change her image in the next episode which I know hi jinks will follow close by...

Vivdred Operation Ep 4: After defeating an Alone in the ocean, Himawari observed everything and wondered why the Alone are attacking the Mainfestor Engine.

Kenjiro learned from Yuuri that someone has hacked into their database to learn about the Alone and he went to investigate. The girls went for some training from Wakaba and during a baseball game, accidentally damaged Himawari's robot eye. (Not after knowing Kenjiro is spying on her)

The girls went to Himawari's home and she invited them in. She explained her love of factories, especially the Streamer Engine which supply power to the world. After dressing her up and bringing her to see the Engine, the Alone returned again and damaged the Streamer Engine.

Himawari want to stop the engine from overloading and the girls agreed to help. They transformed and Akane brought Himawari to stop the engine. She joined with the others while Himawari successfully stop the engine.

But a cave in collapsed and she is trapped. She recalled being betrayed by her classmate over a cyber bullying incident and given up trusting people. But Akane came and save her. She was then given the Ignition Key and transformed.

I couldn't think what it resemble...Wave Motion Cannon from Space Battleship Yamato?

Rei make the Alone evolved while Himawari and Akane went to docking phase and become Vivid Yellow. They defeated the Alone and later Himawari agreed to come back to school. She was surprised to see Genjiro and beginning to discuss about many scientific theories...

Finally our four girls assembled! Himawari is the science geek and genius hacker of the group. Her appearance is due to constant staying at home and lack of social contact due to the bullying incident. Her lack of trust of people cause her to be in this state but thanks to Akane, she was able to step out of her shell and learn to trust people again. (Of course, we now know she has a bigger bust size than Wakaba when she wore her dress)

The next episode focus on Rei and her connection to the Alone. As the episode title is called "Another Key" could mean she can transform like Akane and the others? Find out next week to know more!

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