Sunday, February 3, 2013

Doki Doki Precure Ep 1: The Last Precure!? Part 1

Today is the start of the new Precure Series-Doki Doki Precure! Let's get right into it to find out how this Precure series of 2013 will fare like their predecessors!

In the Trump Kingdom, Cure Sword was fighting against the Jikochu monsters who have invaded the land. When she arrived at the castle, a giant shadow overcast it and Cure Sword claimed she is too late...

A class of students are visiting the newly opened Clover Tower and Student Council Head, Aida Mana went about helping her peers in trouble. From finding a purse to settling an argument between rival schools.

Rika also looked good with glasses...

Her friend, Rika drag her off to the tower as she reprimanded Mana that she should set an example and not becoming a reliability. However Mana claimed she always feel good after helping people. After helping a little girl, Michiko, Mana then spotted popular teen model-Kenzaki Makoto being mobbed by her fans.


Mana went to take a look and found a fallen hair pin that belong to Makoto. She managed to return it and Makoto thanked her. Mana was approached by a young salesman and he offered her to look at his items on sale. She spotted an unusual pin which the man called it Cure Lavies. Suddenly, Mana got sucked into the Lavies and was stunned for a moment.

However she thought she was dreaming and the man gave her the Lavies for free. Rika dragged Mana again to queue in line to go up to the tower. Alice and her Butler, Sebastian arrived at the Tower for a tour. Although she was allowed to jump the queue, she insisted in staying in line as taught by her friend, Mana.

I don't know but the Jikochu Crab looked silly looking...

The Eyecatch

A man in queue was spotted by a mysterious teen, Ira. He was able to extract the man's heart and create a Jikochu Crab monster. It started destroying the place and was heading for the top. Mana fearing Michiko's safety, ran up the stairs. A mascot, Sharuru followed her from behind.

Now, you listen here, Mr Crab!

When she arrived on top, Mana managed to bring Michiko to safety and went to talk sense to the Jikochu Crab. Sharuru introduced herself to Mana and transform to a Lovely Commune. However Mana does not know how to transform and was chased by the Jikochu Crab.

I admit, Mammo looked hot and she is voiced by Tanaka Atsuko (What a Sexy Voice)
Cure Sword arrived and quickly dispatched the Jikochu Crab. Mana thank her but was interrupted by Ira. Suddenly another Jikochu Crab arrived with Ira's companion, Mammo. The crab grabbed Cure Sword and Mammo tried to force her to spill the whereabouts of the "Princess".

Pink Heart is the...(Opps, Wrong Line!)
Mana tried to help but was pushed aside. Suddenly, the Cure Lavies shine and Sharuru instructed her to place the Lavies in the Commune. She placed it and transformed to Cure Heart.

As Rika realised Mana is missing, the young salesman was pleased the way things is going as planned...

A two-parter for a premier episode?! So our main Precure heroine for 2013-Cure Heart/Aida Mana is she a good lead? I could say she is Super Friendly, Super Caring and All Super Nice Girl! Her attitude and actions have her form teacher relaxing in the school bus as she handle everyone's problems with ease. She goes so out as to help strangers like the lost girl which could be a good thing and a bad thing.

The good thing, she is another Kisaragi Gentarou from Kamen Rider Fourze. The bad thing, her helpfulness is her weakness. She might get tricked and I won't be surprised if there is an episode where she completely gave up on helping others.

Rika is the best friend who endured Mana's attitude and is a bit of a nagging person. But I can understand she is trying to protect Mana from being cheated or going out of her way to help people. Furthermore, she has long-sighted visions which is why she need glasses to see far. Alice is also influenced by Mana to be humble despite her social status.

Finally Makoto who is a bad ass in everything. I think it will take a few episodes more before she opened up and joined the remaining three to form the team. But at the look of the pre-opening scene, she felt responsible for the fall of the Trump Kingdom which mean she is more of a solo act rather than a team player and I have yet to see or confirm if there are another Precures during the fall of the Kingdom.

Ira and Mammo are quite all right for villains and I could sense tension between them. There is an old man in the opening which I think it is their boss and yes, the mysterious dark figure behind the Shadow giant.

What about the young salesman? What is his connection to the Cure Lavies? Voiced by Takahiro Sakarai, why he keep a calm face when he saw Mana become Cure Heart? Will he be the next Otokichi or a plot twist (He could be the main villain after all...)

So with this, we come to the end of the first episode! A good start but we still have a year to find out if Doki Doki Precure will make or break! See you next week!


  1. actully in the opening you can see that infront of the gient shadow there is a shilutte of somone it a little hard to see but look again right when there is lightning in front of gient might be anoudher precure

  2. for anyone who doesn't notice something, it seems that the producers of the precure franchise, likes to intentionally putting a subliminal message in the middle of the last two season prettycure ending songs! didn't you realize that? if you listen carefully to the lyrics, they spoil us a prettycure show that is hasn´t been aired yet!!! how is this even possible?!!! if you don't believe me, go check it out right now and compare! it's amazing!

  3. for example, let me give you a hint of what will be called the next precure show for will be known as....SPARKLING PRECURE!!!!

  4. @kragito you was able to see the shilloute in the opening i told you?and you also think it can be a fifth precure?

    1. If it is a fifth precure, most probably it is the sign of the Joker card since this season is about the Playing Cards symbols.

  5. cure sword has become an instant favorite! i hope that she will have enough screen time for her!

  6. mmm! a fifth precure sybolising the joker, let me guess, CURE JOKER? (gasp!)