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Quick Picks: Senran Kagura Ep 4, Love Live Ep 4, Bakumatsu Gijinden Roman Ep 4

Senran Kagura Ep 4: The girls and Kiriya went to the Shinobi Island for training. As they clean the dorms, Hibari found a carving on one of the woods which a former student aimed to be a Super Ninja.

Do the Libo Rock!


Ikaruga look sexy in that one piece!

She asked Kiriya about it and he didn't said much however his mind was thinking of someone. The next day, the girls began their Mortal Combat training and later enjoy some R & R at the beach.

Kiriya found a note in an arrow and went to the desired location. Meanwhile, Katsuragi was attacked by Hikage while Hibari and Yagyu were ambushed by Mirai. Both battles ended in a stalemate and Kiriya rushed to find them.

He later explained to everyone about the existence of Hebi Academy which trained evil ninjas. Meanwhile, a mysterious lady watched them from afar...

I got a feeling that the carvings belong to that mysterious lady as Kiriya keep thinking about it. Probably something went wrong and she ran away from the academy which Kiriya felt regretted. Yagyu also has a past to hide as she lost someone dear to her and somehow find Hibari as a comfort zone.

If you never play the game, the Mortal Combat is a special skill by pressing L and R side buttons which enable the character to go super mode with increased attacks and speed, however the defence will be at it's weakness. It also cause the characters to be only wearing their lingerie also. (Cheeky move although.)

Can I keep it?

Love Live Ep 4: Hanayo met Honoka and the others while taking care of the sheep. (It looked like a sheep, I think?) Honoka thanks her for coming to their performance and asked if she is interested to be an idol.

Hanayo declined and recommended Maki to them. Hanayo's friend Rin later asked which club to join which she has not decided yet. She asked Rin if she want to join too but claimed she is not feminine enough.

Maki took a copy of the Idol group form and dropped her student pass. Hanayo returned back to her at her house and learn more of Maki's family. She later met Honoka in her sweets shop and invited her to her room.

Umi's imaginary thoughts-Priceless!

You saw that!?

She met Umi and Kotori and together they watch the live performance online and wondered who film them that day. The next day, Maki asked Hanayo to recite a tune and she did well. Rin want to take Hanayo to meet Honoka but Maki insisted she is not ready.

In the end, they dragged Hanayo to meet Honoka. She welcome Hanayo to the group and offered the invitation to Maki and Rin also which they too joined in. During training, Hanayo wore contact lens and the three new members got along well. Meanwhile, Niko wrote a nasty comment on the girls' idol site...

Hanayo is your typical shy girl but with good vocals. Thanks to Maki and Rin, she was able to pluck the courage to join the Idol group. We also get to know Rin who is a bit of a tomboy as she was teased by the boys for wearing a skirt as a child. But hey, we need a tomboy like character to balance the group.

Maki also has her problems. Being a heir to a family hospital, the pressure is on her and her family has already mapped her life for her. She was envious of Honoka and company in their performance and I am sure there will be an episode where her family will forbid her to be an idol.

Niko wrote a nasty comment claiming the girls are no match for the current idols. I got a feeling she must have experienced something nasty to make such comments as we will see in the next episode, she tried to sabotage the group.

Bakumatsu Gijinden Roman Ep 4: Basically a poor lord, Hidesaru and his follower, Yukimaru asked Roman and company to find his ancestors' treasures buried in the sea. After avoiding pirates, a giant catfish, Indian Jones traps and a giant castle with legs, the treasures is lost and Roman got a scolding from Koharu.

It is a filler episode with nothing to do with the main plot. The only win point is seeing Koharu and Kanade in swim wears which I am surprised that the bikinis were invented during this era.

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