Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Quick Picks: Senran Kagura Ep 7, Love Live Ep 7

Senran Kagura Ep 7: The Hebi ninjas reported their mission to their master as Haruka hinted that their master could be one of the former Hanzo ninjas.

Maybe Katsuragi can go head on with Zangief..

Meanwhile, a mysterious figure told Kiriya that his former student, Suzune's body was never found and there was traces of dark energy around her death. The next day, Kiriya brought the girls to the Ninja Hiking Training and they were supposed to get the peak on their own.

The girls encountered different obstacles along the way and overcome it. After sending a night in the wild, Asuka faced a giant cat and it taunt her claiming her bloodline does not mean anything if she doesn't fight for her own.

Asuka overcome her weakness and met the others at the summit. They met Daidouji Sempai and she challenged them to claim their ninja scroll. The girls were totally outmatched against Daidouji but Asuka managed to scratch her. She gave the scroll to Asuka and claimed she was worthy of it.

Asuka opened the scroll and it only stated-Power is both Sword and Shield. She understand what it means and swore to work harder...

We get to know that Homura's parents were former Hanzo ninjas but why she become a Hebi ninja is any one's guess? Daidouji herself is pretty awesome and her overwhelm aura blow the girls away easily. Although she behave like a character from the 80s, her intellect also deduced that Suzune faked her death and Asuka as a future Suzune if she fall from grace.

Next week is a flashback episode about Ikaruga and Katsuragi's first meeting so when we are going to face the Hebi ninjas again?

Love Live Ep 7: Hanayo told the others that the upcoming Love Live contest is approaching soon. She explained that it is a prestige contest where all the school idols in the country compete for the best idol award. Maki recalled being recognize by her junior high schoolmates and pose a picture with them.

They decided to get permission from the school chairwoman, Mrs Minami to enter the contest. Although Eri objected it, Mrs Minami allowed them to enter on the condition, everyone must pass the upcoming exams.

It's Groping Time!!!

Honoka, Rin and Nico were the weakest as such, Umi and Kotori coached Honoka, Hanayo and Maki guided Rin and Nozomi volunteered to coach Nico. After school, Umi met a junior high student listening their PV and realised she is Eri's younger sister, Alisa.

Umi had a talk with Eri and realised she was the one who posted their video online. Eri explained she want them to realise it is hopeless to follow this idol dream however it backfired and they gained some popularity instead.

Eri claimed they are still amateurs and even the so-called best Idol group, A-Rise is the same too. Umi went to find Nozomi and she showed her a video of a young Eri who performed as a ballerina dancer and she is excellent in her performances.

She realised Eri was right however she wanted to convince her to coach them so that they could get better. Finally the girls managed to pass their exams and want to inform Mrs Minami. They overheard Eri was upset that their school were not be accepting any more students and it will be closed down next year...

We finally know why Eri is against the girls being an idol group. Being a professional dancer, she know the strength and weakness of the so-called idol groups. She know if the girls were to enter the contest, they will be beaten easily and risk damaging the school's reputation. Her grandmother who is Russian is also a former student in their school and Eri wanted to protect the school. Even her sister, Alisa want to join the school when she entered Senior High.

But now with Mrs Minami announcing the school will be close down next year, it looked like Eri has no choice but to take desperate measures. I am guessing Honoka will convince her to join them since they have a common goal and with Eri's guidance, they will be a better team.

Hopefully Eri and Nozomi will join them so we can get the girls on the road to their biggest goal-Enter Love Live and save their school! (Nozomi really loved to tease the girls by groping their breasts, you naughty priestess!)

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