Friday, February 22, 2013

Quick Picks: Haganai S2 Ep 7, Vividred Operation Ep 7

Haganai S2 Ep 7:  The girls asked Kodaka out as they want to buy presents for Kobato's birthday. He got everybody to come together which it was awkward seeing each other.

Are you having your period, Yozora?

Kodaka commented Rika of wearing her school uniform and Yozora's unisex clothing which embarrassed her. When they arrived at the shopping center, Rika, Yozora and Yukimura went to buy some new clothes while Kodaka and Sena went to buy Kobato's present.

After shopping, Kodoka asked Sena if he mind that Yozora and him are childhood friends. She didn't mind as that was in the past and should concentrate on the present. Later, they found Rika and Yukimura wearing nice clothing expect for Yozora who wore a sports attire.

The gang surprised Kobato on her birthday and Sena bought fresh meat as a present for her. Later, the two siblings met Maria and Kate outside their house and they have sukiyaki for dinner. Maria gave Kobato a key necklace as a present which she said thank in a subtle way.

For a 15 year old, Kate is hot!

The girls bathed together and in the chaos, Kodaka accidentally saw Kate in the nude. He quickly apologised and she forgive him. When they are about to leave, Kate claimed Kodaka is like a brother to them and nothing more. She even mentioned that Kodaka belonged to Sena as informed by her father.

He wondered what was that all about...

Yozora looked great in tight shorts and Sena doesn't mind about her and Kodaka's relationship. But I am sure it will cause tension as seen in the next episode preview, the two girls are about to have a cat fight over him. Maria might be foul mouthed but she did gave Kobato a present which showed their relationship is improving (In a weird sense of way)

Vividred Operation Ep 7: Mizuho told the girls especially Akane that her grades are dropping. Aoi claimed it is due to the constant battles with the Alones and Akane's part time jobs is the cause of it.

They decided to have a study session at Akane's house and after Akane left for her job, Aoi suggested to have Rei to join them too. However Rei declined the offer but changed her mind after discovering Akane is related to Kenjiro.


Everyone started studying when Rei excused herself to the toilet. She discovered Kenjiro's body in the freezer but was quickly knocked out by Wakaba. Rei woke up later and found the body missing and was thought to be dreaming.

Meanwhile, an Alone arrived at the city and started disabling every electric devices around it. The girls were plucking vegetables when Rei plucked out a tomato with an extra fruit. Akane claimed it is a sign that her wish will come true soon.

Rei decided to leave while the girls received a call from Mizuho to battle. The girls were briefed by Kenjiro and Mizuho about the Alone and sortie out. The battle was quick with Akane and Himawari transformed to Vivid Yellow.

Rei fired a magic arrow before the Alone was destroyed and it evoled to a bigger form. It fired a shot at the girls and Akane tried to block it. She was too weak and was knocked to the ground.

Meanwhile, Momo is waiting for them for dinner...

Finally some action after last week's camp episode. The girls are trying to befriend Rei however the black crow denied her any interactions and her motive to find Kenjiro is still in secrecy. Maybe she think Kenjiro is responsible for her parents' death. But with the Alone becoming a more stronger form and Akane is knocked down, can the other girls find a way to get through this before dinner time?

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