Sunday, February 10, 2013

Doki Doki Precure Ep 2: The Last Precure!? Part 2

Cure Heart was amazed by her new powers and agility. Irk and Mammo tried to attack her but she was able to evade their attacks.

Mammo ordered the Jikochu Crab to hang Cure Sword off the rooftop and even told Cure Heart they are doing everything for King Jikochu in order to rule the world. Cure Sword argued Cure Heart is none of her concern and she can handle everything by herself.

Cure Sword immediately break free from the Jikochu Crab however it caught her leg and they fell off the building. Cure Heart quickly caught hold of her and they landed safely. Cure Heart's heart badge revealed a Heart Lovies and Sharuru ordered her to place it in her Lovely Commune.


Beautiful Rainbow...

Cure Heart was then able to use "My Sweet Heart" attack and purify the Jikochu Crab. She tried to introduce herself to Cure Sword however she gave the cold shoulder and warned her that the Jikochu will hurt her loved ones if they are serious. Cure Sword's partner, Daby tried to advise her about partnering with Cure Heart however she refused to listen.

Once Mana transformed back, she met up with Rika and her classmates. On the way back home, Rika make references to the Happy Prince story to her. Mana then told Rika that she has become a Precure but before they could continue, Mana's parents called out to her just outside their house.

According to her profile, Mana's favourite food is her father's Omelet Rice.

After getting advice from her father, Mana tried to explain more to Rika but was warned by Sharuru and the other two mascots about revealing her identify as a Precure to anyone. The next day, Mana tried to tell Rika again but Sharuru told her not to.

Meanwhile, a student was late for class and wished he could control the traffic lights. Irk extract the student's heart out and turn it into a Jikochu Traffic Light Monster. (I am just calling it Jikochu from now on) It started freezing everything in it's path and was heading toward Mana's school.

Mana told everyone to evacuate however Rika told her not to be like the Prince statue in the Happy Prince story. Mana allowed Rika to help her and they tried to make the Jikochu tumble but it didn't worked.

Mana decided to transform in front of Rika and she was surprised by the turn of events. Cure Heart got frozen by the Jikochu's red beam and laid helpless. Rika spotted the Jikochu has a signal button at it's butt and managed to press it before she got frozen too.

The Jikochu's green light was on and it freed Cure Heart.  She quickly used "My Sweet Heart" attack to purify it. After school, Rika make Mana carry her school bag and want her to explain everything about the Precures...

So our story truly begin with Mana taking her role as Cure Heart. At least she wasn't running away after getting her powers and she was able to take action by rescuing Cure Sword and purifying two Jikochu monsters in one episode. Like Rika referring the Happy Prince story to Mana, Mana's strength which is helping people is also her weakness. She might outdo her limits and could hurt herself or others in the process. Other than that, I find Mana quite all right as a lead however Rika is starting to become my favourite (Probably it is due to Kotobuki's acting and she is more of a realistic person than Mana)

Sharuru and the other mascots are less annoying than Candy which I am glad they took this route. The only thing will be once the Princess arrived which I believe it is the baby, every episode will probably have baby cries as a running gag and I am sure someone will ask any of the girls is that their child?

Cure Sword is 100% loner like Cure Moonlight. She refused to accept Cure Heart as a partner which I believe something might have caused it. (Former Partner died, betrayal, you know the usual circumstances in anime) Surprisingly, she doesn't appear during the second battle in this episode. I was expecting her to hide on a rooftop like how Masked Cure Muse used to do that.

So with Mana explaining everything to Rika, it is no brainier that the next episode she will join the fight as Cure Diamond. Until then, see you next week and to those who are celebrating Chinese New Year today, Happy Chinese Year!

P.S: Seriously, Cure Heart's attack is called "My Sweet Heart"? What's up with the Pink Uni Beam taken from Iron Man and also, where did that rainbow aura come from that restore everything after each battle?

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  1. good episode! but still many others to go! i hope to see if Pill will come out in the third episode next week! that guy looks kinda badass! the story of the swallow and the prince or the happy prince,(whatever do they call him)brings me back some memories of the other season of 2012(miyuki anyone?)the new Jikochu looks like something that came out of a Kinnikuman nisei cartoon! (laughs!) well, see you my good friends!